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September 27, 2016
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School Effectiveness Framework

The School Effectiveness Framework was launched by The Literacy and
Numeracy Secretariat in September 2007 to support continuing
improvement in Ontario’s publicly funded elementary schools.
The framework outlines a district-wide, whole-school approach to data
analysis, improvement planning and the implementation of strategies to
address challenges and build capacity. The framework was updated in 2008
in response to invited feedback from the field.

With these files you will find
School_Effectiveness_Framework_2008 (PDF)
Essential_Components_Writable (Writable PDF)
Essential_Components_Examples (Writable PDF)
SEF_Glossary (PDF)

Notes on how to use the files
• The update for the School Effectiveness Framework replaces just two
sections in the 2007 framework – The Essential Components (which run
from pages 29 to 41) and the Glossary (pages 57 to 61). We recommend
that you simply replace these sections in your 2007 binder with the new
files (Essential Components_Writable and SEF Glossary).
• If you have misplaced your binder, you can print out the file on the CD
entitled School Effectiveness Framework_2008 and that will bring you up
to date. (It’s a large file, so you may wish to print it out in sections.)
• The updated Essential Components files are available in two versions.
• The first version entitled Essential_Components_Writable has been
designed to enable you to add your own examples of effective practices.
It’s available in two places – on pages 29 to 41 in the framework file and as
a separate file. We have saved it for you as a writable PDF. To enter text,
be sure to highlight the Highlight Fields box in the top right corner of your
screen. Then click your cursor within the text box and start writing.
• The second version entitled Essential_Components_Examples provides
a number of examples for each of the indicators. There is also a writable
component to this version (see Additional Examples). If you are creating
your binder from scratch, you may wish to add a tab “Indicators and
Evidence” for this file.

Note: remember to save the file to your hard drive before inputting
text or you will lose your work.

If you have any questions about these files, please email and we will be pleased to help you.

The School
September 2008

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