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October 28, 2016
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Information for Faculty

Dear Faculty Member:

Thank you for your interest in the Supplemental Instruction ("S.I.") program. S.I. is an academic enhancement program that integrated academic skills instruction and application into course curriculum. More information about this program can be found online at

The S.I. program uses senior undergraduate students as S.I. assistants to deliver this program. These student paraprofessionals are trained and mentored by the Study Skills & S.I. Centre and are responsible for attending the course lecture and preparing and facilitating the course’s weekly S.I. sessions. Each S.I. session is normally two hours in length and focuses on student collaboration and group work facilitated by an S.I. assistant. Within these sessions, the S.I. assistant helps the students to review the course material taught by the professor by facilitating their learning through the instruction and application of learning strategies.

To further assist you we have included the following documents (below):

  • Information about S.I. for faculty members.

  • Information about the roles and responsibilities of S.I. Assistants and their relationship to course instructors.

  • Suggestions about further integrating S.I. into your course (optional).

  • Information about S.I. for inclusion into course syllabi.

To further assist us with delivery the S.I. program we normally request:

  • A copy of your course syllabus; or at minimum a list of textbooks your course will be using so the office can request desk copies from the publishers.

  • That you consider adding your S.I. assistant(s) to your course’s myLearningSpace (if applicable).

When we assign an S.I. assistant(s) to your course you may send an introductory email message to them, but remember that your specific S.I. assistant(s) may not have been trained yet and may not be able to properly respond to questions or requests. We request that any program specific questions or concerns be directed to the manager of the program, Michael Lisetto-Smith (

As a final note, your S.I. assistant(s) will require five minutes on the first day of class to introduce both themselves and the S.I. programs to the students. Information about session dates, times, and locations will also be communicated around that time.


Michael Lisetto-Smith, MA

Manager, Study Skills & S.I. Centre

Learning Services

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