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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
December 7, 2016
Canadian Excellence

MSc in Supply Chain Management


This 12-month program is designed for those interested in careers requiring in-depth understanding of supply chain management problems, and of the analytical tools and information systems to address those problems, not only at the operational and tactical levels but also at the strategic level of organizations.

We hold the belief that this in-depth understanding produces the self-confidence that leading SCM practitioners must have in order to inspire support for their ideas on how to improve organizational performance.

The specific careers that MSc graduates can enter include both staff and line management positions with titles such as senior supply chain analysts, supply chain consultant, supply chain development manager, demand/supply planner, supply chain coordinator, strategic procurement specialist. These types of job functions can be performed by MSc graduates within firms running their own supply chain operations as well as within firms providing services to support those operations; e.g., third party logistics firms, transportation companies, and supply chain consulting firms.

Our faculty members are actively involved in areas including game theory, inventory and production control, manufacturing and service operations and logistics, empirical research on the impact of manufacturing strategy decisions on firm performance, network manufacturing, sustainable supply chain management, management of innovation and technological change and risk management.

While the MSc program focuses on preparing students for these specialized professional roles, it also serves as a springboard to further study at the doctoral level for students who are so inclined. If you complete your MSc with us and you would like to continue your studies at the doctoral level, you will receive credit for those courses you have already completed, which can decrease the length of the time it takes to complete this degree.

The Center for Supply Chain Management is closely affiliated with the PhD program and provides students with opportunities to connect with industry and its experts. An endowment by OIPMAC provides academic achievement scholarships to the top MSc and PhD students.

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