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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
December 8, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Two MBA concentrations: (i) Operations Management and (ii) Supply Chain Management

The MBA concentration in Operations Management (OM) comprises any four 600-level elective courses in Operations & Decisions Sciences (ODS).

The MBA concentration in Supply Chain Management (SCM) comprises the following four courses:

BU635: Global Operations and Logistics
BU645: Supply Chain Management
BU682: Business-to-Business Marketing
BU695v: Procurement & Supply Management

On the job, the level at which an MBA operates in an organization requires strategic identification and execution of initiatives that result in meaningful improvements in business processes. Increasingly, the context in which such initiatives are identified, evaluated, selected, and implemented features intricate linkages across business functions within the organization, across different organizations, and across national boundaries. In other words, the business processes to be improved are really chains covering flows of, for example, merchandise and information.

In taking either of these concentrations, MBA students develop a stronger understanding of how to bring about important process improvements because they will learn to ascertain how the linkages in a particular supply chain might affect the success of the various process improvement options under consideration. The SCM concentration also features a keen awareness of environmental concerns in considering these options.

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