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October 21, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Message from the Area Coordinator

As individuals, we all require goods and services to be delivered to us in a suitable form, and at convenient locations and times. Organizations that succeed in cost-effectively meeting our requirements must have operations that are run by managers with the skills to consistently make prudent decisions.

In ODS, our focus is on providing students with those decision making skills. So, in studying ODS courses, one acquires in-depth knowledge of techniques that managers can use to skilfully tackle realistic decision problems about business operations. A few examples of these decision problems are: “where should business operations be located?”, “what tactics should be used to reduce unnecessary costs (e.g., inventory costs, product delivery and packaging costs)?”, “from which suppliers should raw materials be bought?”, “what supply chain arrangements should be made with other organizations (e.g., transportation service providers, suppliers, customers)?”, and “which operations should be outsourced?”

Research plays a crucial role in our goal to deliver first-rate education. The research projects that our faculty members are involved in ensure that our understanding of these techniques is not static but grows continuously in response to the dynamic and complex global environment in which managers must function. As you will see from our collection of published research at this website, our work on operations and supply chain management is indicative of the cutting-edge topics we are addressing.

The ODS Area is committed to producing knowledge that is applicable today and to building a capacity for ongoing learning. This commitment is reflected in all of our programs: from our bachelors and MBA programs designed for those interested in immediately applying their knowledge to tackle the decision challenges faced by organizations, through to our MSc and PhD programs, which focus on developing the skills required to conduct rigorous research on those challenges.

We thank you for visiting the website and I hope that this visit is just your first step towards further interest in the ODS area.