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October 26, 2016
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Introduction to Business Organization

An introduction to the topic of Canadian business organization and management. Topics include the Canadian business environment, theories of management thought, forms of ownership, corporate structure and growth, the process of management - planning, organization theory, motivation, control and communication.

Exclusions: MB105


Functional Areas of the Organization

An introduction to managerial aspects of the specific areas of marketing, production, finance, personnel and industrial relations.


Business Law

This is a practical course in business law and deals with the basic legal principles in those areas of the law considered essential for the business student. Emphasis is placed on the law of contract, Canadian legal institutions, tort law, business associations, business transactions, and various types of contracts found in the context of business relations. Where possible actual court decisions are studied so the student will be made aware of the judicial approach in dealing with particular problems.

Exclusions: MB237


Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

Developed specifically for arts, music and science students, this course focuses on starting and growing new businesses, with an emphasis on entrepreneurial skills; identifying new venture opportunities (versus ideas); evaluating the viability of a new venture; understanding the skills necessary for success and building a team that possesses those attributes; and financing, starting and operating a business.

Prerequisites: BU111 and BU121

Exclusions: Honours BBA Program, BU440


Business Strategy for Sustainability

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a strategic issue for organizations in all sectors, and global drivers such as climate, water, energy, food production, population growth and social inequity are redefining the landscape for business. In this course we examine the major global drivers for sustainability, frameworks for sustainable business, and the requisite skills in critical and integrative thinking to embrace and advance a sustainability agenda. Through dialogue, video, cases and assignments, we will critically examine sustainability drivers, organizational conceptions of sustainability, and strategic approaches to mutual value creation for organizations and society.

Prerequisites: BU398 or permission of the instructor

Exclusions: BU461S


Managing the Family Enterprise

This course is designed to enhance awareness of the significance, diversity and complexity of family business. It develops an understanding of the distinctive advantages and challenges of family firms, enhancing the ability to develop strategic solutions to improve the performance of family firms. Topics include but are not limited to: duality of business and family roles, intergenerational relations, sibling relations, conflict resolution, mate selection, governance structures for family firms, non-family executives, next generation commitment, consulting to family firms.

Prerequisites: BU288

Co-requisites: BU354

Exclusions: BU428


New Venture Creation

This course provides an understanding of the process of starting a new business including the characteristics of the entrepreneur, the identification and evaluation of opportunities, the assembly of resources and the development of the business plan. The method of instruction involves cases, lectures and a research project.

Prerequisites: BU352 and BU383

Exclusions: BU311


The Legal Environment of Business in Canada

The objective of this course is to provide the student with an understanding of many of the laws and regulations affecting business operations. Specific topics include competition laws, the civil and criminal liability of a corporation, the liability of officers, directors and their professional advisors, the law of product liability, contracts in restraint of trade, and contracts contrary to public policy and remedies for breach of contract. Many actual decisions of the courts will be studied in detail.

Prerequisites: BU231


Seminar in Business Policy

This course provides a study of contemporary business issues. Topics will deal with current problems in general management.  Recent topics have included Social Entrepreneurship and Introduction to Arts Management.  For current seminar courses and prerequisites, click here.

Prerequisites: Permission of the department.


International Strategic Management

This course examines the nature and determinants of the various strategies firms typically follow in pursuing opportunities and/or addressing competitive threats in the international environment. Particular attention is placed on the internationalization and strategic management processes of firms operating in several countries. The experiences of both small/medium sized and large multinational firms are studied.

Co-requisites: BU481


Business Policy I

Business Policy I is the first of two courses dealing with strategic management, and providing an understanding of the process of strategy formulation and implementation. The course is case-oriented and integrates concepts from other more specialized courses.

Prerequisites: BU383; Students in Honours BBA or Honours BA Economics & Accounting must also have Year 4 or 5 standing.


Business Policy II

This course explores how the organization's social, ethical and international context interacts with its competitive strategy.

Prerequisites: BU481


Entrepreneurship Accelerator

This course involves conducting detailed analysis and planning to create and launch students proposed businesses (with highly individualized instruction). This includes personal goal setting, concept evaluation and optimization, market research, detailed planning of marketing, operations, structure, cash needs, sources of finance, etc., followed by writing detailed plans for the various areas.

Prerequisites: BU311 or BU440 or SC340A and/or permission of the instructors.  To enroll in this course, please see Steve Farlow, SBE2218.