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Cooper, L., Lawson, M. & Orrell, J.  (1997)  Raising Issues about Teaching: Views of Academic Staff at Flinders University  Flinders Institute for the Study of Teaching, Flinders University Press, Adelaide. ISBN 0-7258-0633-8 (201 Pages)

Cooper, L. & Briggs, L. eds (2000) The Human Services Practicum. Allen and Unwin, Sydney



Book Chapters

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Refereed Journal Articles and Papers

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Un-refereed Papers

Cooper, L. (1989)  'Award Restructuring: Implications for Social Workers', The South Australian Social Worker, 5, 2-3.

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Conference Papers Published in Proceedings

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Commissioned Papers and Reports

Cooper, L. (1986)  A Study of Health & Welfare Needs in the Southern Region of Adelaide (a report commissioned by the James Brown Memorial Trust Adelaide). (40 pages)

Cooper, L. (1988)  Ministerial Report into Department for Community Welfare Policies and Procedures With Respect to Children of Under-age Parents, Government Department for Community Welfare, Adelaide.  (169 pages)

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Barber, J.G. Cooper, L. and Delfabbro, P. (1999) Progress Report on Alternative Care for Children in South Australia. Flinders University, Adelaide.


Other Creative Works

Cooper, L. (1991)  'A Grand Old Lady', Australian Journal on Ageing, 10, 13-14.

Cooper, L.  (1995)  Book Review on Responding to Children in Children Australia, Vol 20

Cooper, L.  (1996)  Book Review on Social Work in Action in Child and Family Social Work, 1:267-268

Cooper, L.  (1996)  Book Review on Social Work in Action in Australian Social Work, 49:59-60


Unpublished Papers

Cooper, L. (1985)  The Placement of Patients in Nursing Homes, Social Justice, Efficiency and Quality of Care, Uni. of Queensland, Unpublished PhD manuscript.

Cooper, L. (1988)  Models of Social Work Practice, School of Social Sciences, Flinders University, Bedford Park.



Teaching Materials

Cooper, L.  (1996)  The Work Book and Guidelines on Standards and Attainment Levels for Field Education, Flinders University, Adelaide

Cooper, L and Foward, A.  (1998)  A code of conduct for students and supervisors in field education, Flinders University, Adelaide.

Cooper, L. Bourne, E. Borbasi, S. Mitchell, T, Gonda, J. & Emden, C. (2004)  Effective Discharge Planning for Older People: A learning module for nurses and social workers, Imprint Press, Adelaide.