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December 5, 2016
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Joan Norris


email: Joan Norris
phone: 519-884-0710
ext: 3324


Research Publications

Selected research publications

Pratt, M.W., Norris, J.E., Lawford, H. & Arnold, M.L.  (2010).  “What he said to me stuck.”  Adolescents’ narratives of representations of their grandparents as teachers. In K. C. McLean & M. Pasupathi (Eds.), Narrative development in adolescence. (pp. 83-112).  New York:  Springer.

Cavanaugh, J.C., Blanchard-Fields, F., & Norris, J.E. (2008). Adult Development and Aging. First Canadian Edition. Toronto: Thomson Nelson.

Frensch, K.M., Pratt, M.W., & Norris, J.E. (2007). Foundations of generativity: Personal and family correlates of emerging adults' generative life story themes. Journal of Research in Personality, 41, 45-61.

Norris, J.E., Pratt, M.W., & Hebblethwaite, S. Social cognition. (2007). In J. E. Birren (Ed.), Encyclopedia  of Gerontology (2nd ed., pp. 525-531). New York: Elsevier.

Norris, J.E., Kuiack, S., & Pratt, M.W. (2004). As long as they go back down the driveway at the end of the day:  Stories of the satisfactions and challenges of grandparenthood. In M. W. Pratt & B. H. Fiese (Eds.), Family stories and the life course:  Across time and generations (pp. 353-373). Mahwah, N. J.: Erlbaum.

Ryan, E.B., Pearce, K., Anas, A.P & Norris, J.E. (2004). Writing a connection: Intergenerational communication through stories. In  M.W. Pratt & B.H. Fiese (Eds.), Family stories and the life course:  Across time and generations (pp. 375-398). Mahwah, N. J.: Erlbaum.

Norris, J.E. & Tindale, J.A. (2006). The Meaning of Gambling among Ontario Seniors in Small and Rural Communities. Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre.  Available at