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December 7, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Visiting Dignitary Protocol Guidelines


The protocol for visits of dignitaries to the university governs the way that dignitary visits to Wilfrid Laurier University are managed. The protocol is in place to ensure that the university’s reputation for excellence is maintained through effective development, management and promotion of special events. The policy will also ensure that the event goals and objectives are met.

The procedure below is applicable to all members of the University community. The Ceremonies & Events Department acts as a central resource and can provide expertise for anyone who is responsible for organizing a special event.


A dignitary is a person of high position or rank. Dignitaries include:

1) The Royal Family

- ex) Her Majesty the Queen

2) Federal Dignitaries

- ex) Governor General of Canada

3) Provincial/Territorial Dignitaries

- ex) Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

4) Foreign Dignitaries

- ex) an emperor

5) Religious Dignitaries

- ex) a priest

6) Others

- ex) a mayor