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May 28, 2017
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Unsure of who to contact in the History Department?

The Departmental Chair is a the principal administrative officer of the Department. She or he is responsible for chairing Departmental meetings and carrying out its decisions in regard to academic policy and other matters.  The Chair conveys departmental recommendations to the Dean of Arts, and represents the Department in other forums within the university.  Serious academic problems or complaints should be referred to the Departmental Chair who will endeavour to resolve the difficulty or offer advice on how the matter can best be dealt with. The Departmental Chair is Dr. Darren Mulloy  (Office: DAWB 4-135A extension 3593;  e-mail address:

The Undergraduate Program Coordinator is a faculty member appointed to help students with course selection and program requirements.  The Undergraduate Program Coordinator is Dr. Jeff Grischow (Office: DAWB 4-155; extension 3347; email address:

The Graduate Officer is a faculty member within the history department who is appointed to manage the graduate program. Senior students interested in graduate studies in History might find it useful to consult the graduate officer about programs and scholarships available. The graduate officer is Dr. Susan Neylan (office: DAWB 4-150); Phone: 884-0710 ext. 3595; email address:

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N.B. Our official means of communication is with your LAURIER EMAIL ACCOUNT. Students are expected to regularly check their Laurier email account for important notices from the university community. Students are also expected to send emails to official members of the university community from their Laurier email account in order to ensure delivery. Emails sent from non-Laurier accounts, such as hotmail, may be identified as spam and not delivered. Your co-operation is appreciated.

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