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December 7, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Current & Past Graduate Students

We have some talented graduate students in the History department at Laurier. Here's a list of current graduate students (MA & PhD) and recently completed PhDs:

Current MA Students

Armstrong, William
Carriere, Rachel
Clouthier, Justin
Collins, Stephen
Deans, Glenn (PT)
Dunn, Brittany
Eamon/Sands, Avalon
Fleury, Kayleigh
Greenlaw, Chris (PT)
Houle, Devon
Klages, Arthur
Kopfensteiner, Brent
Kwitko, Micheal
Mulroney, Caitlin
Osei, Lee-Anna
Pivnicki, Anastasia
Price, Emma
Richardson, Eliza
Smith, Jordan
Story, Eric
Surman, Jessica "Taylor"
Sutherland, Rosy (PT)
Tefler, Chelsea
Warcholak, Kaitlyn

Current PhD students and their on going research

Bowles, Christopher. “Representing Ekaentouton: The Political, Economic and Social Remaking of Manitoulin Island.” Supervisor: Suzanne Zeller.

Brewer, Paul. “The Descent of Disco: An Atlantic Trajectory.” Supervisor: David Monod. Current Status: On Leave

Calow, Keith. “The Origins, Establishment, and Early Work of the Court Martial Appeals Board of the Canadian Armed Forces, c. 1945-60.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty.

Cross, Gwenith. “Managing Modern Childbirth: Medical Science, Technology and Midwifery in Ontario, 1897-1950." Supervisor: Cynthia Comacchio.

Deuxberry, Zachary. “Anglo-American Relations and the Road to the Pacific War 1919-1941.” Supervisor: Blaine Chiasson.

Edwards, Janice. “Mau Mau and Mississippi: A Case Study for Comparative Global History.” Supervisor: Jeff Grischow.

Falcon, Kyle. “The Ghost Story of the Great War: Spiritualism, Psychical Research and the British War Experience, 1914-1939.” Supervisor: Peter Farrugia.

Ford, Trevor. “Who Watches the Watchers?: Canadian Military Intelligence, the State, and Society, 1866-1922.”  Supervisor: Mark Humphries.

Granato, Rebecca.  Dissertation topic: Palestinian political prisoners in Israel, ca 1970s. Supervisor: Gavin Brockett.

Muller, Ian. “Blacklist Dodgers: Anti-communism and Canadian-American Relations.” Supervisor: Kevin Spooner.

Rosenthal, Lyndsay. “Sex in the Trenches: Soldier's Sexual Identity in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, 1914-1918.” Supervisor: Mark Humphries.

Scurr, D. Cory. Dissertation topic: Diefenbaker and Human Rights. Supervisor: Kevin Spooner.

Stace, Trevor. “Miners, Managers, and Markets: The Coal Economies of Mid-West Canada, 1920-1940.” Supervisor: Rob Kristofferson.

Stolarz, Rafal. “Nature Protection in Bialowieza Forest.” Supervisor: Eva Plach.

Symes, Matthew. “Athena's Sportsmen: Recreational Sport, Idealized Masculinity, and the Training of Canadian Soldiers, 1939-45.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty.

Tavenor, Joshua. “Climate and Capitalism: English Perceptions of Newfoundland's Environment and Use.” Supervisor: Suzanne Zeller and David Smith.

Taylor, Nadina. “The Development of Money in Early Modern France.” Supervisor: Darryl Dee.

Wiseman, Matthew. “The Science of Defence: Cold War Culture and Canadian Security, 1947-74.” Supervisor: Kevin Spooner.

Completed PhDs

Adema, Seth. (April 2016) "More than Stone and Iron: Indigenous History and Incarceration in Canada, 1834-1996." Supervisor: Susan Neylan.

Balkilic, Ozgur (2015) "For the Union Makes Us Strong: The Istanbul Metal Workers and their Struggle for Unionization, 1947-1970.” Supervisor: Gavin Brockett

Caravaggio, Angelo (2009) “Commanding the Green Line in Normandy: A Case Study of Division Command in the Second World War.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Connor, Steven (2007) “Golden Pheasants and Eastern Kings: The German Civil Administration in the Occupied Soviet Union, 1941-44.” Supervisor: Erich Haberer

Cundy, Alyssa (2015) "A 'Weapon of Starvation': The Politics, Propaganda, and Morality of Britain's Hunger Blockade of Germany, 1914-1919.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Downey, D. Allan (2014) “The Creator's Game: Aboriginal Racialized Identities in Canada's Colonial Age, 1844-1990.” Supervisor: Susan Neylan

Fransen, Bert (2015), “The Rise and Fall of Canada's Cold War Air Force, 1948-1968.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Gal, Andrea. (2016) “Grassroots Consumption: Ontario Farm Families' Consumption Practices, 1900-1945.” Supervisor: Adam Crerar

Greavette, Gordon (2013) “The Politics of Munitions Production in Canada, 1914-16.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Harris, Tavis (2013) “Treaty is better than a Battleship: Canada, Autonomy and Interwar Naval Disarmament.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Leddy, Lianne C. (2011) “Cold War colonialism: The Serpent River First Nation and uranium mining, 1953-1988.” Supervisor: Susan Neylan

Maas, Frank (2014) “Pierre Trudeau and the Leopard Main Battle Tank.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Miller, Ian Hugh Maclean (2000). “‘Our glory and our grief’: Toronto and the Great War (Ontario).” Supervisor: Terry Copp

Priestman, Karen (2009) – “Illusion of Coexistence: The Waldorf schools in the Third Reich, 1933-1941.” Supervisor: Erich Haberer

Quirk, Laura (2007)  “The Thompsons’ town: Family, industry, and Material Culture in Indiana, Ontario 1830-1900.” Supervisor: Cynthia Comacchio

Sager, Jason (2008)  “Devotion and the political: Sermon and devotional literature in the reigns of Henri IV and Louis XIII, 1598-1643.” Supervisor:  Peter Goddard

Sheffield, Robert Scott (2000) “Winning the war, winning the peace: The image of the ‘Indian’ in English-Canada, 1930-1948.” Supervisor: Terry Copp

Smith, Barbara (2008) “The Rules of Engagement: German Women and British Occupiers, 1945-49.” Supervisor: Erich Haberer

Wakelam, Randall Thomas (2006) “Operational research in RAF Bomber Command, 1941-1945.” Supervisor: Terry Copp

Whalen, Jane (2013) “Wasting Away: The Impact of Policy and Policymakers on the Rise of Tuberculosis in Aboriginal Communities, 1867-1945.” Supervisor: Susan Neylan

Wood, James A. (2007) “The Sense of Duty: Canadian Ideas of the Citizen Soldier, 1896-1917.” Supervisor: Roger Sarty

Wood, Whitney (2016) “Birth Pangs: Maternity, Medicine, and Feminine 'Delicacy' in English Canada, 1867-1950.” Supervisor: Cynthia Comacchio