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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
October 25, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Graduate Testimonial: Allison Dias

Studying history at the Masterís level at Laurier was a formative experience that continues to have an impact on my career. Since graduating I have worked in higher education, as well as in non- and for-profit organizations, utilizing the skills I honed at Laurier on a daily basis. From critical thinking to advanced research and writing abilities, I have found the transferable skills taught by the faculty to be well worth the investment in an advanced history degree. The small class sizes and intensive reading requirements also encourage students to digest large amounts of information, clearly articulate their opinions, and have healthy debates. Having developed oral communication skills, in addition to strong research and writing abilities, has been incredibly beneficial to the advancement of my career.

The uniqueness of the Tri-University programming allowed me to explore a wider range of courses than I would have been exposed to at a single university. It also afforded me the opportunity to engage with a wider number of faculty and students. I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of the program and will always reflect fondly on the relationships I built with faculty, staff and students at each of the campuses.
Without hesitation I would encourage anyone considering a history degree to pursue their studies at Laurier.

Allison Dias, Project and Administrative Coordinator, Academic Services, Wilfrid Laurier University