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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
December 6, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Graduate Testimonial: Krista Barclay

In comparison to other schools, the history department is fairly small and the faculty are centrally located.  For me, this meant a very collegial, friendly and welcoming environment that my colleagues at larger schools just didnít get.  I could just stop by faculty offices for an informal chat while I was on campus, and the office staff knew me by name and were always genuinely helpful and friendly.  Having my TA office hours in the same building also allowed me to make new acquaintances from among faculty and grad students in other areas of history or political science who I would otherwise never have met.  This fostered interdisciplinary discussion andsupport, making my grad student experience anything but isolating.  Despite the departmentís small size, the Tri-University structure of the graduate program gave me access to a wide range of course options, as well as the opportunity to meet students and faculty at two additional institutions.  Overall, I believe that this diversity enriched my graduate student experience considerably.

Having the opportunity to be a Teaching Assistant was amazing Ė I didnít realize at the time that is not the standard across Canadian universities.  Having met doctoral students from other schools who have never had the opportunity to TA, I feel fortunate to have had this experience at Laurier.  I continue to benefit from the connections I made with students and faculty in the Tri-University program, who have maintained an interest in my studies and successes since leaving Laurier.  Being able to meet faculty at all three schools was an excellent networking opportunity for me, and exposed me to a variety of specialty fields and approaches.  Having relocated to another province, I always look forward to seeing familiar Tri-U faces at conferences, workshops and events across the country.

Krista Barclay, M.A. Wilfrid Laurier University (2011), PhD Candidate at the University of Manitoba (Canada Graduate Scholarship Holder)