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December 5, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Graduate Program Alumni Testimonials

“During my time at Laurier I was challenged at the highest level of scholarship, and I gained an immense wealth of knowledge from those experiences.” [read more]

George Kennedy, Sub-chief (Latlutanun) of the Oneida Nation (Onyota'a:ka)
Shonuhses turtle clan title, and PhD student at Western University

“I developed a flexible skill set of analytical, interpretive and writing skills that have helped me forge a career in education – but that field could have easily been sales, writing, pharmaceuticals, civil service, etc. – the list of possibilities is endless.” [read more]

Julie Redstone-Lewis, Associate University Secretary, University of New Brunswick

“Since graduating I have worked in higher education, as well as in non- and for-profit organizations, utilizing the skills I honed at Laurier on a daily basis. From critical thinking to advanced research and writing abilities, I have found the transferable skills taught by the faculty to be well worth the investment in an advanced history degree.” [read more]

Allison Dias, Project and Administrative Coordinator, Academic Services, Wilfrid Laurier University

“I not only made many life-long friends at Laurier (and even met my partner in the history program!), but also built up a network of professional contacts that has helped me get ahead in the job market.” [read more]

Dr. Mark Humphries, Dunkley Chair in War and the Canadian Experience, Director of the Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies; and Associate Professor of History, Wilfrid Laurier University 

“I was a high school teacher already, so TAing allowed me to keep my teaching skills sharp while it also gave me a stronger understanding of the skills my future students will need as they make the transition into higher education.” [read more]

Pawel Korczyk, High School Teacher, Calgary

“I continue to benefit from the connections I made with students and faculty in the Tri-University program, who have maintained an interest in my studies and successes since leaving Laurier.  Being able to meet faculty at all three schools was an excellent networking opportunity for me, and exposed me to a variety of specialty fields and approaches.” [read more]

Krista Barclay, M.A. Wilfrid Laurier University (2011), PhD Candidate at the University of Manitoba (Canada Graduate Scholarship Holder)

“My experience at Laurier was incredible. The staff, faculty and colleagues were incredibly welcoming and the course work both engaging and thought-provoking. The major advantage of pursuing a history degree at Laurier lies in the strength of the Tri-University History program, which allows students to pursue a wide array of interests which no single university could ever successfully offer.” [read more]

SLt Tavis Harris, PhD, G37 Individual Training, 3rd Canadian Division

“One of the benefits of the program is the diversity of experience offered—the combination of academic mentoring for the Major Research Paper, excellent and varied courses, and the opportunity to work as a TA really made it a complete package. As a student of history interested in more global topics, I found the course offerings much more varied than in other, similar programs.” [read more]

Olivia Cummings Galbraith, Ontario College of Teachers

“Throughout my time in the PhD program at Laurier, I benefited from the expertise of several faculty members in a number of areas, ensuring I had a chance to design a program of study that left me very well prepared for my current position as an assistant professor of history at Memorial University of Newfoundland.” [read more]

Dr. Lianne Leddy, Assistant Professor of Indigenous Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus

“I enjoyed having access to profs from three departments – in terms of breadth of offering it felt like being at a much bigger university.” [read more]

Dr. Randy Wakelam, Assistant Professor, History, Royal Military College

“A teaching assistantship at Laurier will allow you to benefit from working for professors who genuinely care about the university’s reputation for excellence in undergraduate teaching. As someone aspiring to the profession of teaching history, these are the people you want to learn from.” [read more]

Dr. Jim Wood, History Instructor, Okanagan College, Salmon Arm Campus

“Courses in the second semester are designed to let graduate students have an opportunity to do their own research with primary sources. I thoroughly enjoyed these research courses because I found it very gratifying to conduct my own research, draw my own conclusions, and discuss my work with other students and professors.” [read more]

Vanessa Pritchard, London Public Library

“Professors in the department were very approachable and willing to help however they could.  The support staff in the department was exceptional as well.  This was the kind of department I wanted to be part of for my graduate degree.” [read more]

Brandey Smythe, Administrator, Northwind Solutions

“The MA has also been a stepping-stone for me as I’ve gone on to pursue a PhD at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Furthermore, the issues I engaged with while studying at Laurier, in my case the development of racism and colonialism, have helped me to make better sense of the world today. If you want to understand something about the modern world, you’ve got to know the history behind it.” [read more]

Nathan Alexander, Doctoral Candidate in History, University of St Andrews, Scotland 

“As a history librarian in an academic environment, I am constantly drawing on the skills and knowledge I obtained during my Master's and PhD studies in the Tri-University program. Course design, historiography, significant reading, research assignments and structure are regular components of my day.” [read more]

Dr. Kathryn Rose, Humanities Research Liaison Librarian, Queen Elizabeth II Library,
Memorial University of Newfoundland