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December 7, 2016
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Full-time/Part-time Status & Academic Progression Decisions

Full-time/Part-time Status

Part-time students: registered in less than four 0.5 credit courses per term.
Full-time students: registered in four or more 0.5 credit courses per term.

OSAP: Please consult with the Student Awards Office to discuss potential financial implications of dropping from full-time to part-time status.

Academic Progression Decisions

Did I meet the GPA requirements to continue in my current program?
Was my request to switch into a new program approved?
How do I know? When will I know?

At the end of the winter term, after all grades have been submitted and processed, departments and the Office of the Registrar review grades, grade point averages and requests to stay in or switch into programs.  Some time May (usually after the middle of the month), these decisions are posted on student accounts on LORIS.  You may view your academic decision as follows:  Log onto LORIS, and select, in this order, “Student Services,” “Student Records,” and then “Official Final Grades.”  You will note decisions such as: “May Proceed to General Program,” “May Proceed On Probation in General Program,” “Qualified to Graduate,” etc.