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December 3, 2016
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Is a teachable a minor?

No. For your teachable you need 3.0 credits at any level in one of the following areas: History, Religion and Culture, English, Geography, Math or Science. To graduate with a minor, you must complete the specific requirements for a minor as outlined in the undergraduate calendar.

How do NU2020 and NU2091 and NU2092 count towards my degree?

For students who completed NU2020 before September 2008, NU2020 excludes PS275. It counts as  1.0 senior PS credit. You should not take PS275 through Laurier.

For students who completed NU2020 starting September 2008 or after, it will count as 1.0 credit towards your BA.  It is no longer equivalent to any Psychology courses.

NU2091 and NU2092 are also a Nipissing arts courses. Both courses will count as SY316*. You should not take SY316* through Laurier.

Both NU2020 and NU2091 and NU2092 count towards your Laurier degree. The grade you receive in each course will factor into your Laurier GPA.

What GPA do I have you maintain to remain in the program?

You must maintain a 70% (7.0 or B-) average in your arts courses (NU and WLU courses) as well as a 70% average in your Nipissing Education courses.  You must have Honours student status.

How do I calculate my GPA?

Please click here for instructions.  You can also click here to use the GPA calculator.

How do I register for my Nipissing courses?

You register for your Nipissing courses on My Nipissing WebAdvisor.

Can I register for a Laurier course offered on a Monday?

Yes, however during years 1-3 you can only take a class on Monday (during both the Fall and Winter terms) after 7pm. Mondays during the day are reserved for your practicum and mandatory Nipissing workshops.

Will CO243 and CO244 count towards my Mathematics teachable subject?

Yes. Combined, CO243 and CO244 will count as 1.0 credit toward a mathematics teachable.

Do I need to register for my Nipissing courses on LORIS?

No.  We will automatically upload your Nipissing courses on LORIS.

How can I obtain a senior teachable?

Students need one 5.0 credit teachable to pursue their Senior ABQ.