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October 25, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Senior Social Sciences Teachable

Society, Culture & Environment (formerly Contemporary Studies), provides a broad education focusing on significant contemporary issues, making students aware of their global scope and encouraging them to use the collected insights of various academic disciplines. While Society, Culture & Environment itself is not a teachable subject, many of the courses under this discipline can count towards teachable subjects. Most commonly, many of the program requirements can satisfy a Senior division teachable in “Social Sciences”.

Because Social Sciences is a Senior teachable only (Grades 11 and 12), Teacher Candidates who are interested in pursuing this qualification must have 3.0 credits in the subject area. If students have 3.0 credits from courses that qualify for the Social Sciences teachable, upon graduation, graduates can register in the Additional Basic Qualifications course titled, “Education in the Senior Division”, and would choose Social Sciences as their teachable. 

Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate students can choose to pursue Senior qualifications. After completing one Senior level teachable, additional Senior division teachables will also require 3.0 credits in a teachable subject and completion of the ABQ course, “Education in the Senior Division”. For example, after a student has their Senior Social Sciences teachable, they can upgrade their 3.0 credit Intermediate teachable (English, History, Science, Geography, French or Math) to a Senior teachable as well.

Course Requirements:

Teacher Candidates in the Laurier-Nipissing Concurrent Education program can easily obtain 3.0 credits in Social Sciences as specific Society, Culture & Environment (formerly Contemporary Studies) program requirements count towards the Social Sciences teachable. All Teacher Candidates will complete NU2020 (Developmental Psychology), SOCI 2091 (Sociology for Educators, Part 1), and SOCI 2092 (Sociology for Educators, Part 2), which provides students with 2.0 credits in Social Sciences.

Teacher Candidates who enrolled in the program prior to 2014-2015 will also complete CT280 (formally CT327) and CT253, which totals an extra 1.0 credit.

Teacher Candidates who enroll in the program in 2014-2015 and beyond will also complete CT100 and CT120, which totals an extra 1.0 credit. These credits, combined with the Nipissing Arts courses listed above, provides every Teacher Candidate with a total of 3.0 credits in Social Sciences upon graduation.

In addition to the courses above, all Psychology (PS), Sociology (SY) and Anthropology (AN) courses will count towards the Social Sciences teachable.