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October 25, 2016
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French Teaching Option

Fast Facts

  • The French Teaching Option consists of 4.0 credits or eight courses
  • The French Teaching Option has a GPA requirement of 6.0 across all courses in the Option
  • You must complete a minimum of 0.5 credit on exchange or Explore
  • The French Teaching Option will appear on your degree


Please visit the Academic Advising website for a French Teaching Option worksheet here.  Please follow the worksheet from the year you entered university.

Frequently Asked Questions

I participated in the Explore program prior to starting my schooling at Laurier.  Will this still count towards my French Teaching Option requirements?

In order to determine whether or not you will receive credit for your Explore experience, you will need to contact Admissions no later than a year after entering Laurier to determine your eligibility for credit.

I am worried that I will not received credit for a French course while on Explore.

I am not aware of any student receiving a non-French class while on Explore.  Please be sure to choose those course(s) which will allow you university credit.

I want to participate in Explore.  How do I get more information?

An Explore information will be held every year in the Winter term.  Check the Student News for more information or contact your academic advisor.

I want to participate in an Exchange.  What are my next steps?

Concurrent Education students can go on exchange during their fourth year (which will delay their program by one year) or during the Fall term of their fifth year (this will not delay your program because it is the only term where you are not taking any Nipissing classes).  You must attend a Laurier International Information in the Fall term before you wish to leave (e.g., Fall term of Year 3 if you wish to go on exchange in Year 4 or Fall term of year 4 if you wish to go on exchange in Year 5).  Please also make an appointment with an academic advisor well in advance to make sure you are on track with your course selection.

For more information about exchanges, contact Melissa DiLeo at (

I was placed in FR250 and FR251 in year one because I attended a French immersion high school.  How can I complete the French teaching option?

You must not take FR230 and FR231 because these courses exclude graduation from a French Immersion high school.  You will need to take two senior French classes (200-level or above) in lieu of FR230 and FR231 in order to complete the 4.0 credits required for the option.

I would like to go on an exchange and do the Explore program.  Can I do both?

Yes.  Please discuss this with your academic advisor.

What if I don’t get accepted to Explore the first time I apply?

Please apply again – seats are awarded on a lottery basis.

Is the “.5 credit on exchange or Explore” mandatory?

Yes, this requirement is mandatory.  In part, this is because students who have experience in a Francophone environment tend to score higher on the French Proficiency Test.

Is the .5 credits on exchange or Explore in addition to the 4.0 credits required for the French Teaching Option?

No.  Your course(s) on exchange or Explore will count towards your French teaching option.  Please consult your academic advisor for more information.

I have received .5 senior miscellaneous French credit on Explore.  Will this count towards my option?

Yes.  This .5 credit will count towards the 1.5 Additional Senior French credits requirement.

Does the French Teaching Option automatically qualify me to teach French?

No.  You must contact your Nipissing academic advisor to ensure that you are taking the correct teachable course at Nipissing in addition to your Laurier courses.

 I am receiving an error message when I register for my French classes.  Why?

Please contact your Academic Advisor.  You may require an override to ensure you are enrolled in the correct level of French.