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October 25, 2016
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Students in the Concurrent Education program can choose teachable subjects in the following areas: English, French, Geography, History, Math, Science and Religion (the Religion teachable elective at Nipissing will no longer be available to students entering after 2013/2014).


Choose six courses or 3.0 credits in English.  Some students may wish to to complete a double major with English and Contemporary Studies.  For more information, contact the Academic Advising Centre!


Please check out the French Teaching Option worksheet on the Worksheets page!

Please note that 0.5 credit of the French teaching option must be completed on exchange or through the My Explore program.  Check out the My Explore Youtube video here.

Please be sure to contact the Academic Advising Centre before completing an exchange!


Choose 6 courses or 3.0 credits in Geography.  All Geography (GG) courses count towards the teachable subject. 

In addition to the geography courses, CT111, CT212, CT215, and CT302 will count towards the Geography teachable. 

Please note that CT111, CT212, CT215, and CT302 cannot be counted towards the GG minor.



Choose six courses or 3.0 credits in History.  Some students may wish to complete a double major with Contemporary Studies and History.  For more information contact the Academic Advising Centre!


Consists of 3.0 credits of the following courses: CO243, CO244, MA121, MA122, MA222 and another senior Mathematics course.


Choose 6 classes or 3.0 credits in Religion & Culture. In addition to any Religion course, CT400R "Issues in Cultural and Religious Diversity in Canada" will count as 0.5 credit towards a Religion teachable.  CT400R will not count towards the Religion minor.

Junior/Intermediate students entering the Concurrent Education program after 2013/2014 will no longer be able to take a teachable elective course in Religion.  Students can continue to take Religion courses but will only be able to qualify for this teachable area after graduation through Additional Qualification Courses.


Consists of 3.0 credits of the following courses: BI110, BI111, CH110, CH111, and two of HS202, HS204 and/or HS206.