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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
October 20, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Students and organizations share their experiences with the Youth Leaders on Board initiative. 

“The YLOB program gave me a practical understanding of how non-profit boards function. This experience helped balance and compliment theory gained through the YLOB program along with lecture content. I will continue to seek out opportunities on various boards for years to come because I have learned the difference I can make in my community through the YLOB leadership opportunity!” -  4th Year Leadership Student

“This program gives students an opportunity to understand how decisions within these organizations are made, whom they benefit, and how conflicts amongst a group of people with various backgrounds are resolved.” – 4th Year Criminology Student

“Young adults do not get many opportunities to be exposed to the good work of community governance and the potential pitfalls that can be avoided. Youth Leaders on Board is a simple program which matches students to community agencies.  The student learns community governance and the agency gets connected to young adults who are not typically represented on community boards.  It is a win-win.” - Healthcare Organization

“Due to the nature of our Board, having a student member has been very helpful.  Her opinions and comments were very important as students are becoming the majority downtown and it is important that they have a voice.” - Business Development Organization