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October 26, 2016
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Criminology Student Association

Welcome to the Criminology Student Association!

A growing need within the Criminology Program prompted the formation of the Criminology Student Association.  For various reasons and to facilitate the endeavours of the Criminology Student Association, a new annual criminology fee of $75.00 has been added to your tuition costs. These funds will be directed to advancing your opportunity to grow and experience an enhanced Criminology program. The university has allocated a certain portion of the fee collected to an endowment fund.

Monies generated from this endowment fund will be redirected back to the Criminology program to be used to expand your university experience.

The remainder of the annual funds will be allocated towards activities chosen by students. In this way, you as a student in the Criminology program will determine how your student fee is spent. With this in mind, a committee has been struck to discuss and determine which projects and activities will best meet the needs and wants of all students in our program. The committee is made up of Dean of the Brantford campus, the Criminology Program Coordinator, and two faculty members from Criminology. Also included will be four student representatives from Criminology. For the names and contact information of the Committee members, please see below.

Your Committee is anxious to hear from you. A proposal submission form is available by clicking on the attached link below.  Also, please feel free to contact your year representative with ideas and proposals for activities you would like to see happen. Proposals will be discussed at committee meetings and once the Dean and the Vice-Principal have given consent, our administration will make all necessary arrangements for the events.

Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to actively influence how the Criminology fees are allocated and to participate in shaping and growing your university experience. The committee looks forward to working with all Criminology students to reach this exciting goal.


Every Laurier Brantford student who has declared Criminology as their major is automatically enrolled in the CSA.  This student-led association is here for a variety of reasons, as taken from our constitution:

The objectives of the CSA are:

1. To represent and promote the academic welfare interests of the CSA's members to the department of Criminology, the Laurier Brantford community as a whole.

2. To stimulate and promote criminological inquiry.

3. To provide an organized body through which criminology students may actively participate in university affairs.

4. To provide students with an opportunity to explore various aspects of criminology as these relate to career possibilites and community engagement initiatives.

  • Questions? Need to touch base with a CSA executive member or faculty member? Please e-mail and we will be in touch with you within 24 hrs.

Criminology Student Association
Weekly CSA Meetings

Each week the CSA executives hold their meetings on Wednesdays at 9:00am in SCJ 308 (Third floor of the SC Johnson building). Please feel free to attend to learn more about the activities and events being planned. 

The last meeting for the year will be held March 19th, but the top four positions of your executive will still be available during the summer for any proposals that you would like to submit, or for any questions you may have. They are: President - Chelsey Kerr; Vice-President - Anne Muniandy; Treasurer - Kaitlyn Baron; and Social Media - Steve Creed and they can be reached through Marg Harris at or

We hope that you find these meetings informative and we encourage you to give your input as to the proposals that the executive have made for the 2013-2014 year, and to also give your ideas as well. The dates and times will be posted in September when school reconvenes.

We would love to see you!


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