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September 30, 2016
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In fulfilling its responsibilities pursuant to Articles 13 and 15 of the Collective Agreement, the Appointment and Promotion Committee of the Department of Criminology shall follow the procedures below for the 2012-2013 academic year.


1. The Department of Criminology Appointment and Promotion Committee (hereafter DAP Committee) shall assess candidates for appointment and promotion within the Department of Criminology (hereafter the Department), and make recommendations to the Department, the Dean of Laurier Brantford, or to the Senate Promotions and Tenure Committee, as appropriate.  The DAP Committee shall consider all applicants for Provisional, Candidacy, and Limited Term Appointments and Appointments with Tenure, and all applicants for promotion in rank, as specified in Articles 13 and 15 of the Collective Agreement.  members of the DAP Committee should attend all meetings and presentations.  The DAP Committee shall conduct itself in accordance with the Collective Agreement (Articles 13 and 15) with special attention taken on issues of Employment Equity according to Article 22 of the Collective Agreement.


1. The DAP Committee shall consist of five FT Members of the Department holding Provisional, Candidacy, or Tenured appointments who volunteer to sit on the committee, except that:

a) A Member applying for Candidacy Appointment, Tenure, or promotion to Professor shall be ineligible to serve on the DAP Committee for meetings concerning candidacy appointment, tenure or promotion applications.

2. The Department Chair will act as the Chair of the DAP Committee

a) If the Department Chair is ineligible to serve, the DAP Committee shall elect one of its members to serve as chair.

3. The majority of members of the DAP Committee (3) shall hold tenured appointments.

4. The DAP Committee shall include at least one tenured female member.

a) If a tenured female faculty is ineligible to serve and there is no other tenured female member in the Department, the Department shall select a female tenured Faculty Member from a cognate unit or discipline in consultation with the Association pursuant to Article 22.3.1 (b)

5. Two Members of the Department shall be appointed as alternate members of the DAP Committee in the event that a DAP Committee member is unable to carry out required Committee responsibilities or has a declared conflict of interest.

6. Quorum shall consist of four members and the Chair of the DAP Committee.  A quorum for the DAP Committee shall not exist unless a tenured female faculty member is in attendance as a voting member.


1. For each Contract Renewal and Promotion application, the DAP Committee shall act in accordance with Articles 15.4.2 and 15.4.3 of the Collective Agreement.

2. For each Initial Appointment application, the DAP shall act in accordance with Articles 13.11.2, 13.11.6, 13.11.8, and 13.11.10.

3. Before voting, the Chair of the DAP shall review the DAP voting rules, including the following:

a) All voting members present at the meeting shall vote on any recommendation

b) All voters hall vote yea or nay

c) A secret ballot shall be used

d) The recommendation shall be framed in the affirmative

e) Votes shall be counted by the Chair of the DAP Committee

f) The Committee's recommendation shall be determined by a simple majority vote, and failure to obtain a majority on any motion results in the defeat of the motion.

g) The ballots shall be the official record of the vote and shall not be destroyed until a final decision is made.

h) Pursuant to Article 15.4.5, the numerical results of the vote and a written statement of reasons for the DAP Committee's recommendation shall be copied to the application.  Where the recommendation is not unanimous, the statement shall include reasons supporting and opposing the recommendation.