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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
September 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Teaching Support Services

Laurier TSS

Teaching Support Services’ YouTube Channel, ‘LaurierTSS’, features short, informational video clips outlining important information for incoming Laurier graduate students.

Link to ‘LaurierTSS’ YouTube Channel:

List of video topics/titles on ‘LaurierTSS’ YouTube Channel:

  • Brantford Campus
  • Psychology Department
  • Biology Department
  • Social Work Department
  • Brantford Around Town
  • Counselling Services
  • Health Services
  • Laurier Library
  • Coffee Shops
  • Places to eat in Waterloo
  • Deans of Students
  • Transportation
  • Writing Centre
  • Wilfrid Laurier History