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August 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Graduate Courses

In the table below is a list of the required courses in the M.A. program and the elective courses organized by program specialization: 

Required Courses

CC 601 (Qualitative Fieldwork into the Study of Deviance)

CC 602 (Advanced Quantitative Research Methods)

CC 603 (From Theory to Practice: Deviance and Social Control)

CC 604 (Advanced Criminological Theory: Recent Trends and Developments)

CC 606 (Research and Professionalization Seminar)

CC 699 (Thesis)   

International Crime & Justice 

 Media Criminology

 Culture, Crime, & Policy

CC 607 (The Charter and Criminal Justice)

CC 608 (Crime, Politics, and Political Deviance in Global Perspective)

CC 609 (Crimes of Globalization)

CC 610 (Transnational Crime)

CC 611 (International Human Rights in Criminal Justice)

CC 613 (Global Proliferation of Terrorism)

CC 615 (Comparative Youth Justice Systems)

CC 621 (Cultural Criminology)

CC 622 (Law, Media, and Popular Culture)

CC 623 (Contemporary Issues in Crime and Media)

CC 624 (Content Analysis in Media Criminology Research)

CC 605 (Applied Criminology)

CC 614 (Advanced Police Studies)

CC 616 (Sociology of Law)

CC 617 (Penology)

CC 618 (Deviance and Diversity)

CC 619 (Crime Prevention)

CC 620 (Violent Crime)