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December 2, 2016
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Part-Time Faculty Resources

Important Information:

For a copy of the Collective Agreement between Wilfrid Laurier University and Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association for Part-time Contract Academic Staff and Part-time Librarians, September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2016, please click here.

For a copy of the Part-time Faculty Handbook, please click here.

Course Offerings:

For all Laurier Brantford postings, please click here

Regular postings will be listed on the Faculty Positions web page for 15 calendar days. 

If you have applied to the roster, you do not need to re-apply for positions when they are posted, unless there are additional courses that you have not listed on your roster form that you would like to be considered for.

CAS Roster Application Form:

For a copy of the CAS Roster Application Form, please click here.

Each faculty must receive its own copy of the CAS Roster Form. 

CAS Assessment Form:

For a copy of the CAS Assessment form, which is used to assess candidates for CAS positions under Article 13.5.1 of the Collective Agreement, please click here.

Successful Applicants:

We would like to thank you for your interest in teaching in the Society, Culture and Environment Program.

Winter 2017 Appointments: 

 Instructor  Course Number
 Course Title
 Laurie Jacklin
Disease and Society
 Annette Chretien
 CT/ID205 BR
 Indigenous People and Anthropology
 Nick Garside
 CT210 BR
 Environment and Society: Stories from the Past
 Rick Gamble
 CT/JN/MX226 BR2
 The Media in a Global World
 Clarice Khuling
 CT250 BR
 Themes in Global Capitalism
 John Corr
 CT280 BR2
 Popular Culture and Meaning
 Nick Garside
 CT312 BR
 Sustainability and Global Society
 David Olivier
 CT352 BR
 War in the Contemporary World
 Chris Klassen
 CT/HR370 BR2
 Gender Theories and Culture
 Simon Orpana
 CT485 BR
 Politics of Culture Production

Fall 2016 Appointments:

Course Number 
Course Title 
Holly Gibbs
CT225 BR1
The Individual in the Community
 Rick Gamble
 CT/JN/MX226 BR1
 The Media in a Global World
 John Corr
 CT280 BR1
 Popular Culture and Meaning
 Nick Garside
 CT302 BR
 Climate Change and Society
 Chad Hillier
 CT324 BR1
 Globalization, Culture and Society
 TBD  CT340 BR
 Consumerism and Identities
Paula Butler
 CT/HR355 BR1
 Reconsidering Race and Oppression
 Chris Klassen
 CT/HR370 BR1
 Gender Theories and Cultures
 Edmund Okoree
 CT450 BR
 The City in Contemporary Life
 Paula Butler
 CT455 BR1
 Struggles in Capitalism Today
 David Oliver
 The Just War: Justice in War
 Holly Gibbs
 CT470 BR
 Chad Hillier
 CT487G BR
 Education, Culture and Globalization

Spring 2016 Appointments:

 Instructor  Course Code
 Course Title
Laurie Jacklin
Disease and Society
Ted Baker
 Consumerism and Identities

Part-time Appointment Committee (PTAC) 2015-16: 

Dr. Rob Kristofferson, Chair
T: 519-756-8228 x. 5837

Dr. Edward Shizha, Member
T: 519-756-8228 x. 5747

Dr. Charles Wells, Member
T: 519-756-8228 x. 5915

Dr. Stephen Haller, Alternate
T: 519-756-8228 x. 5705

Dr. Todd Gordon, Alternate
T: 519-756-8228 x. 5433