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December 2, 2016
Canadian Excellence

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Alumni Testimonials

Lin_Rahiman.JPGAs a Journalism student, SCE/CT courses were a crucial component of my program. They gave me the foundational overview of global politics, economic systems and historical trajectories that shape our world today. By broadening my exposure to the way the world works, SCE/CT courses deepened my passion for social justice advocacy and helped put me on a career path in the non-profit sector.

Lin Abdul Rahman, Class of 2012, M.A. Candidate, Communication & Culture, Ryerson University

Dorothy_Vu.jpgThe passionate professors in the CT/SCE department gave me the tools to effect change. They challenged me to consider different perspectives on gender, sexuality, culture, class, and race, to name a few. Perhaps more importantly, they motivated me to move beyond the classroom and apply these ideas to practical experiences.

Dorothy Vu, Class of 2012, M.A. Graduate, English Literature and Women's Studies, University of Ottawa.

Michael_Schalk.jpgDuring my time in Contemporary Studies (recently re-named Society, Culture, and Environment), I was equipped with the analytic and critical inquiry skills that have thus far proven invaluable to me as a budding academic.  To this day, many of the faculty members at Laurier Brantford remain some of my most cherished mentors, and it is their keen tutelage and support that has seen me enjoy many of my present successes.

Michael Schalk, Class of 2013, M.A. Candidate, Communication and Culture, Ryerson University.