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October 21, 2016
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Practicum Planning Process

1.  Please refer to the MSW Practicum Manual for details on the practicum planning process.

2.  Attend the Practicum Workshops offered throughout the term.

3.  For specific Agency information:

  • Attend the MSW Field Fair held in the Winter Term to learn about practicum opportunities in a variety of agencies.
  • Research information on specific agencies of interest via the internet.

Students may not visit agencies to determine if they are interested for placement.  Organizations cannot offer the time this would require.  In fairness to others, do not call/visit agencies. Students cannot arrange their own placements. It is the responsibility of the Practicum Office to arrange all placements.

4.  It is the norm to have limited contact with the Practicum Coordinators during the planning process other than the occasional email update.  However, should you be concerned in any way regarding your placement you are encouraged to contact your Coordinator to ask how the planning is proceeding.  Please send email for the Practicum Coordinators to  Please be aware that she may or may not have a definitive answer for you at the time, as many other students are also being considered for many of the same agencies.  We recognize that this can be an anxious process for some students and we make every effort to ensure that the planning unfolds as smoothly as possible.

5.  Field of Study as it relates to Practicum: Please visit the Important Dates page to view the current deadline to make changes to your field of study.  Please submit your request to change your field of study before this deadline in order for the change to be considered in the planning process.  If your request is submitted after this date, we cannot guarantee that your practicum will reflect your new field of study.