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October 28, 2016
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Learning Plan and Evaluation

Students begin to work on their Learning Plan within the first two weeks of placement. Within the first 4 weeks of placement, students must have a Learning Plan in place that has been reviewed and approved by their Practicum Instructor. Taking into consideration the Learning Plan, students are evaluated for a midterm and final evaluation. This is a collaborative process between the student and the Practicum Instructor. Practicum Instructors email the completed midterm evaluation and final evaluation to the student, practicum office and Field Advisor by the due date. Students are expected to start the practicum evaluation process at least a week prior to the due date of the evaluation with the instructor. Delayed submissions of practicum evaluations result in delayed grade entries for students. Practicum grades cannot be submitted in the absence of a midterm and final evaluation.

For a description of how to complete the Learning Plan and Evaluation, please refer to the document
Guidelines for Intern Learning Plan and Evaluation

For a copy of the Learning Plan and Evaluation please click here.

For a list of evaluations dates please see
Placement Evaluation Dates by Program.

Problem Resolution Procedures

Where a learning difficulty is identified by the student or the Practicum Instructor, the instructor and the student are encouraged to refer back to the Learning Plan which was developed within the first 4 weeks of placement.

>  Consult Wilfrid Laurierís Student Code of Conduct and Discipline.
>  Consult the Intern-In-Difficulty Procedure
>  Consult & Follow the Faculty of Social Work's Policy for the Review of Student's Professional Behaviour