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October 24, 2016
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MSW Practicum Manual 2015

The aim of the Faculty of Social Work’s MSW Practicum Manual is to provide information to interns and instructors in practice settings regarding the:

  • General philosophy and objectives of the Master of Social Work Program
  • Specific goals, objectives, roles, structures, policies, practices and procedures of the Practicum component of the MSW program

The content of the Manual is based on formal policies of the Faculty of Social Work and Wilfrid Laurier University. Students are expected to review this manual as it provides detailed information about the practicum.

Table of Contents

MSW Program 2015

(New Curriculum will be implemented for all cohorts starting MSW program in September 2016)


MSW Practicum Program

Practicum Concentrations
Practicum Staff
Practicum Agencies: Standards for Approval
Program Structure
Intern Practice Assignments

International Practicum Program

Practicum Planning

Practicum Planning Process
Registering for Practicum Course
Contacting Agencies
Fields of Study
Types of Placements based on Field of Study
Accessible Learning
Practicum Dates

Student Responsibilities

Learning Plan and Evaluation

Learning Plan and Evaluation

Guidelines for Learning Plan and Evaluation

Evaluation Dates By Program
Problem Resolution Procedures

Practicum Instruction

Appointment of Practicum Instructors
Goals for Practicum Instructors
Responsibilities of Practicum Instructors

Recognition of Practicum Instructors
Orientation and Training for Practicum Instructors
Benefits for Practicum Instructors
Faculty support for Practicum Instruction

Field Advising

Contacting Agencies & Students
Field Visits
Group Seminars
Field Advisor Reports and Due Dates
Recommended Steps to Implement Field Advisor Role
Field Advisor Role with Students-in-Difficulty

Policies and Procedures regarding Students in Practicum

Time Expectations

Absences, Illnesses and Critical Events
Expenses and Remuneration
Vulnerable Persons/Criminal Records Check
Additional Agency Requirements
Worker's Compensation Coverage
Liability Insurance
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy at Wilfrid Laurier University
Procedures Regarding Alleged Incidents of Harassment/Discrimination in Practica
Principles and Guidelines with Respect to Student Time for Participation in Faculty of Social Work
The Faculty of Social Work Policy for the Review of Professional Behaviour
Practicum Policy and Protocols for MSW Students with Disabilities
Procedures for Situations Involving Allegations of Unethical or Illegal Conduct in Practicum Placement

Additional Practicum Related Documents

Code of Ethics (OCSWSSW)
Code of Ethics (CASW)


Appendix A: Navigating the Field Placement Portal
Appendix B: WSIB