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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
December 10, 2016
Canadian Excellence


There is no application form per se. Proposal submissions would normally be about 1.5 -3 pages in length, including a one page executive summary, as follows:

  • Executive summary (1 page maximum) detailing:

    • Identification of applicant(s)

    • Title of proposal to which funds will be applied

    • Objective of the proposed undertaking and why the Centre should support it (applicants are also encouraged to document how their proposal relates to the most recent “CPA Competency Map”)

    • One paragraph description of proposal

    • The deliverable(s) from the undertaking and timing of the deliverable (s)

    • Total funding required for the proposal (including cost of course relief)

  • Qualifications for undertaking the proposed initiative (if applicable)

  • Budget (breakdown of funds requested by major categories, including cost of any course relief; number of hours of research assistant time required; etc.)

  • Other sources of seed money for the proposed initiative (if applicable)

  • A clear action plan

  • Other matters, if any, that the Advisory Board should consider

    Short-listed candidates may be invited to meet with members of the Centre’s Advisory Board. These meetings will involve a brief oral presentation by the applicant of his or her proposal and an opportunity to answer any questions that the Board may have. The final decision regarding the Award will be made by the Director of the Centre, upon receipt of the Advisory Board’s recommendation.


The Award Recipient is required to submit to the Centre a brief progress report quarterly and a final report upon completion of the project.

Deadline for Submissions

Proposals will be accepted for consideration twice each year – winter and summer terms. However, good ideas will always be given consideration, throughout the year.

Themes and Questions

To assist applicants a one page document outlining research and education related themes has been prepared and is available from the Director of the Centre. Questions regarding awards should be directed to the Director of the Centre: Dr. Bruce McConomy