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September 21, 2017
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The CPA/Laurier Centre for the Advancement of Accounting Research and Education is funded by the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario.

The vision for the Centre is to enhance the scholarly activities of accounting faculty and to foster the development of the highest quality accounting graduates. We plan to achieve this by facilitating access of Laurier accounting faculty to research opportunities and outlets, by encouraging students to assist faculty in knowledge development and by promoting the enhancement of Laurier accounting programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Centre will also support curriculum development projects to help ensure that the Laurier accounting related curriculum evolves to reflect the changing education requirements as set out in publications such as the CPA Candidates’ Competency Map.

The Centre will consider proposals for funding of projects such as the following:

  •  the acquisition of research related software and/or data collection for 2-3 research projects.

  • curriculum development projects, such as the development of new courses (e.g., forensic accounting), or the development of curriculum for new graduate level programs (e.g., CPA/MBA)

  • research assistanceship (RA) projects that will link accounting faculty with some of our top undergraduate students specializing in the accounting area **

** Note: for the RA project proposals a detailed application is not required. A one paragraph description of the proposed project is required (a standardized form is available from the Director of the Centre). Similarly, a brief “project report” is required to be submitted by the faculty member when the RA has completed his/her research assistanceship.