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October 22, 2017
Canadian Excellence

CPA/Laurier Centre Speaker Series

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December 2, 2016 Dr. Ping Zhang, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto Estimation and Interpretation of Individual Auditor's Effects of Audit Quality Measures: Evidence from China
October 14, 2016 Dr. Li Xiao, University of Alberta When Low Readability Sounds the Alarm Bell: The Moderating Role of Readability and Importance of Beginning Information on the Investment Position Effect
April 22, 2016
Linda Mezon, Chair of the Accounting Standards Board (AcSB)
Overview of the Standard Setting Process in Canada and the Current Priorities of the AcSB P1017

February 5, 2016 Dr. Kiridaran (Giri) Kanagaretnam, Schulich School of Business, York University Social Capital and Bank Accounting Transparency






November 27, 2015 Christine Wiedman, University of Waterloo Shareholder Activism and Voluntary Disclosure Initiation: The Case of Political Spending 
October 2, 2015 Justin Mindzak, Wilfrid Laurier University Interlocked Boards of Directors, Voluntary Governance Disclosures and Earnings Quality
May 22, 2015 Dr. Partha Mohanram, University of Toronto Wisdom of the Crowds: Predicting Earnings Surprises from Social Media
January 30, 2015 Dr. Robert Mathieu, School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University

The impact of operational risk on the relationship between outside directors and the informativeness of accounting earnings

Ernst & Young Boardroom


Date Speaker Topic Location
November 28, 2014
Dr. Li Yao, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University

The Impact of Consumer Sentiment on Analysts’ Forecast Frequency and Private Information Discovery

Ernst & Young Boardroom

October 31, 2014
Dr. Steven Huddart, Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University

Rotten apples and sterling examples: Moral reasoning and peer influences on honesty in managerial reporting

June 20, 2014
Dr. Duane Kennedy,

University of Waterloo

Target Ownership Plans and Earnings Management

June 6, 2014

Dr. Clara Xiaoling Chen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Effects of Forecasting Approach and Performance-Based Incentives on the Quality of Management Forecasts

E&Y Boardroom
May 9, 2014
Dr. Tom Schneider, University of Alberta

Recognition and Valuation Relevance of Asset Retired Obligations by Canadian Natural Resource Companies

February 28, 2014
Dr. Jan Bouwens, University of Tilburg
"Putting Skin in the Game: Managerial Ownership and Bank Risk-Taking"
February 7, 2014
Dr. Tim Mitchell, University of Waterloo
"Subordinates' Knowing versus Sharing in their Managers' Incentives: The Effects on Budget Preparation and Use"
E&Y Boardroom


Date Speaker Topic Location
November 22, 2013 Dr. Susanna Gallani,

Michigan State University

"The Relative Performance Information (RPI) Effect of Mandated Non-Financial Disclosures."

October 18, 2013 Dr. Tiemei (Sarah) Li, University of Ottawa

Offshore Operations and Voluntary Disclosure: Evidence from Management Earnings Forecasts

June 21, 2013 Dr. Samir Trabelsi, Associate Professor, 

Goodman School of Business, Brock University

Market Reaction to XBRL Filings

Ernst & Young Boardroom


Date Speaker Topic Location
November 16, 2012 Dr. Jason Kuang, Georgia Institute of Technology

The judgmental effects of subjective measurement on performance evaluation: Experimental evidence

November 2, 2012

Dr. Corinna Ewelt-Knauer, University of Western Ontario(Visiting Professor)

"Adjustments to the Modified Jones Model" P3027
October 19, 2012 Dr. Sue McCracken, McMaster University "Understanding the Restatement Process" SBE1210
September 21, 2012
10:30 am
Dr. Pam Murphy,
Queen's University
"The Role of an Instrumental Climate in Fraud" SBE1210

June 15, 2012
2:30 pm

Dr. Kelvin Liu,
Northeastern University

"The Effect of Internal Control Strength and Coordinating Versus Monitoring Controls on Managers' Fraudulent Financial Reporting"

Ernst & Young Boardroom

March 2, 2012
10:30 am
Dr. Aldonio Ferreira,
Monash University

"The drivers of involvement of management accountants in the strategic management process: the role of skills and individual attributes"

Doyle Boardroom


Date Speaker Topic Location
December 9, 2011
10:30 am
Tom Vance,           University of Waterloo "The Moderating Effects of Ex Post Subjectivity on the Relation between Goal Difficulty and Performance" SBE1210
September 30, 2011
10:30 am
Dr. Timothy Miller,     Kent State University "Effects on Strategy Development including Relative Performance Information in Incentive Schemes" DAWB
July 15, 2011 Dr. Ping Zhang, University of Toronto

“Client Size and the Estimated Effects of Auditor Size on Bank Loan Pricing”


Date Speaker Topic Location
October 29, 2010
Dr. Khim Kelly, University of Waterloo
"Does Disclosing the Distribution of Stock Recommendations Influence Investors' Reliance on Analysts' Stock Recommendations?"

July 8, 2010
Dr. Ping Zhang, University of Toronto
"Auditor Tenure and the Impact of Consistency and Bias of Reported Earnings"

May 7, 2010 Dr. Alan Richardson, York University The Co-evolution of Global Institutions and Management Accounting: the Ebb and Flow of Management Accounting in the Universal Postal Union SBE1240
April 9, 2010 Dr. Heather Wier, University of Alberta "Managing Earnings Management: Compensation Committees’
Treatment of Managed Earnings in CEOs’ Terminal Years”
January 15, 2010 Dr. Tom Scott, University of Alberta "Observations on Accounting Standards and Standard Setting: Principles versus Rules" SBE1210


Date Speaker Topic Location
October 23, 2009 
10:00 am
Dr. Raj Srivastava, University of Kansas "Why We Should Consider Belief Functions in Auditing Research and Practice" P3027
September 18, 2009 
10:00 am
Dr. Dan N. Stone,
University of Kentucky
“The Janus-Faced Influence of Financial Incentives on Knowledge Sharing” SBE3027
May 29, 2009
10:00 am
Dr. Merridee Bujaki, University of Ottawa A Ten Year Review of Metaphor and Rhetoric in Letters to the Shareholdres: Nortel Networks 1997-2006
May 1, 2009
10:00 am
Dr. Jeff Callen,
University of Toronto
"An Analytical and Empirical Measure of the Degree of Conditional Conservatism" SBE1230
February 27, 2009

Dr. Robert Mathieu,     Wilfrid Laurier University

"The Impact of Audit Quality on Disclosed Accounting Information: A Case of Operating Leases"

Date Speaker Topic Location
November 21, 2008

Dr. Christine Wiedman, University of Waterloo

"Firm Financial Reporting Quality Surrounding Restatements"
May 23, 2008

Dr. Shane Dikolli, Duke University

"Earnings Surprises and Uncertain Managerial Ability: Evidence from CEO Turnovers"

Mar. 28, 2008

Dr. Alan Webb,
University of Waterloo
"The Use of Self-Set Goals as an Impression Management Tactic: Antecedents and Consequences"

Mar. 14, 2008
Dr. Pascale Lapointe,
Brock University
"Distribution Components in Flow-Through Entities: Causes and Consequences of Economic and Gernance Factors"


Date Speaker Topic Location

Nov. 16, 2007

Dr. Bryan Church,
Georgia Institute of Technology
"Reciprocity Under Trust-based Management Control: An Experimental Test"

Oct. 4, 2007

Dr. Ping Zhang,
University of Toronto

"A Study on the Adequacy of Non-Big 4 Audits"

Sept. 21, 2007 Dr. Robert Mathieu,
Wilfrid Laurier University
"Does the Disclosure of Operating Leases Provide Sufficient Information to Value Off-Balance Sheet Leases?"
Jul. 20, 2007 Dr. Robert Mathieu and Dr. Theresa Libby,
Wilfrid Laurier University
"How to Write an SSHRC Proposal"
Jun. 15, 2007 Dr. Oliver Kim,
University of Maryland
"Toward more functional definitions of relevance and reliability away from abstract economic phenomena"
Feb. 9, 2007 Dr. Hai Lu,
University of Toronto
"Do Investors Delay Their Responses to Earnings? An Investigation of the Interdependence of the Information Content of Earnings Announcements and SEC Filings"