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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of the Vice-President:  Finance  and  Administration
September 23, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Shredding Services

Wilfrid Laurier University has entered into an agreement with Integra Document Destruction Inc. for the shredding of confidential documents.  This is part of a larger contract initiated by the City of Waterloo, Re RFQ#09-11, which is open to Wilfrid Laurier University by our membership in the Cooperative Purchasing Group of Waterloo Region. 

The contract requires that mandatory “on-site” shredding services be provided and that certificates of disposal be issued for both locked security boxes and bulk shredding.  To further ensure the security of the process, staff or faculty may view the shredding of their documents at any time.  Integra employees wear identifiable uniforms and ID badges and are fully bonded and insured.  Integra has NAID AAA Certification.

Integra will provide secure containers relative to the needs of your department at no additional cost.  Containers will be emptied and contents shredded according to pre-determined pick up schedules, or on an on call basis, according to your specific needs.  Bulk purges can be arranged on a call in basis with a minimum lead time of two (2) business days.

They will provide advice on how you can maximize your value and minimize your costs. 

Payment for services will be by your MasterCard Corporate Purchase Card using mobile payment units which they carry on their trucks.

For additional information on Integra’s services, simply access their website at:  Contact Adam Johnston directly to arrange services according to your specific needs.  His office number is 866-976-2299.  He can also be reached on his cell phone at 519-239-8087 or by email at