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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of the Vice-President:  Finance  and  Administration
December 9, 2016
Canadian Excellence

CFI Procurement

About CFI  

The Canadian Fund for Innovation (CFI) was created in 1997 by the Government of Canada. It aims to support Canadian Universities, Colleges, Research Hospitals as well as other non-profit research institutions in their ability to undertake world-class research and technology development which will benefit not only Canadians but the global community.

For more information related to CFI Procurement please see the CFI Program and Policy Guide as well as their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Procurement Services & CFI Procurement

Procurement Services facilitates the acquisition of products and services on behalf of Wilfrid Laurier University. We welcome the opportunity to work with the Principle Investigator to ensure that the goods and services procured are the best suited to the scope of work, while adhering to University Policies, CFI regulations and all applicable legislation.

Procurement Services is happy to assist with all CFI-funded requirements. As CFI Funded procurements in excess of $100,000 require public posting, Procurement will work in cooperation with the PI to ensure the RFP document is an accurate reflection of the requirements at hand.

Obtaining CFI Quotations

The Wilfrid Laurier Tendering and Procurement Policy applies to all CFI funded acquisitions. It is important to note that for procurements exceeding $5000 before taxes, no commitments can be made to a supplier regarding purchases until an official Purchase Order is issued through Procurement Services. If quotes are obtained for budgetary purposes, the supplier should be informed that the quote is for the purposes of budget preparation only. Provision of a quote will not guarantee that supplier the award once funding is approved as all acquisitions are subject to competitive bidding thresholds.

Additional CFI Considerations

CFI offers 40% of the funding for its supported projects. The remaining matching funds must be provided through alternative means. Often, these can be found through non-monetary donations from suppliers referred to as Gift in kind. These can include but are not limited to contributions of time, donations of goods/services or equipment discounts.

In order to calculate the actual value of in-kind contributions, CFI takes into account the List Price of the Good or Service, as well as the Standard Educational Price or additional discounts available. Should the supplier not offer Educational Pricing or additional discounts, the List Price is considered for CFI purposes, the Fair Market Value (FMV) or Best Customer Price. Any discounts above and beyond the Best Customer Price would be considered a Gift in Kind. Any In-kind contribution as well as discount structure should be clearly documented within their quotation/proposal.

CFI may request an audit of any acquisition for 3 years following filing of the final reports for a project. Principle Investigators are asked to retain supporting documentation such as receipts, invoices, packing slip etc. should a file be requested for audit. Records must be retained for a period of 7 years.

Calculation of Actual Gift in Kind & Information Required

In order to meet CFI requirements, quotations for these acquisitions must adhere to certain guidelines. Any discounts and in-kind offered must be clearly documented within a suppliers quote or proposal. The table below indicates how to calculate gift in kind as well as the information required.



1. Supplier offers an Educational Discount

List Price: $100,000

Educational Price: $ 90,000

In Kind Contribution: $10,000

Net Cost (Actual Selling Cost): $ 80,000

2. Supplier does not offer any Educational Discounts and their List Price is identical to List Price

List Price: $100,000

FMV/Best Customer Price: $100,000

In Kind Contribution: $ 10,000

Net Cost (Actual Selling Cost): $ 90,000

In this case the supplier is also required to provide a statement indicating they do not offer Educational Pricing

3. Supplier does not typically offer an Educational Discount, however Best Customer Price/Fair Market Value is lower than List Price

List Price: $100,000

FMV/Best Customer Price: $ 80,000

In Kind Contribution: $ 10,000

Net Cost (Actual Selling Cost): $ 70,000

In this case the supplier is also required to provide a statement indicating they do not offer Educational Pricing

Calculation of the Cash Price on the itemized CFI list

The cash price of an acquisition can be calculated as follows:

(Net Selling Price + Freight Costs+ Customs fees + Installations Costs) x non-refundable HST rate of 3.41% (if applicable)