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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
August 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Graduate Faculty

The following is a list of graduate faculty who regularly participate in the Master of Arts program in Political Science:

  • Dr. Christopher Alcantara (Canadian Politics; Canadian Public Policy; Aboriginal Politics; institutions and institutional change, federalism and multilevel governance)

  • Dr. Christopher G. Anderson (International Migration, Multiculturalism and Citizenship Policy; Canadian Public Policy; Canadian Politics)
  • Dr. Andrea Brown (African politics, women and politics, and non-Western political thought)
  • Dr. Alistair Edgar (Post-conflict peace and reconstruction programs; sovereignty and humanitarian intervention as competing norms and practices in global governance)
  • Dr. Patricia Goff (International political economy, international relations theory, and international organization, with a particular interest in trade and cultural policy)
  • Dr. Derek Hall (East and Southeast Asian political economy; history of capitalism; political ecology)
  • Dr. Jorge Heine (Multilateralism, South-South relations, practice of diplomacy, democratization, transitional justice and Latin American politics) (on leave)
  • Dr. Barry Kay (Public opinion and elections; the politics of policy making; Canadian and American politics, research methodology)
  • Dr. Simon Kiss (Environmental politics, science and politics, political communication, political parties)
  • Dr. Loren King (Political philosophy, especially theories of justice, democratic theory, decision and game theory, and moral issues in urbanization, economic development, and global politics) 
  • Dr. Rianne Mahon (Comparative political economy, with particular reference to social policy; international organizations and public policy)
  • Dr. Jason Roy (Political behaviour and participation, public opinion, elections, and Canadian politics)
  • Dr. Kim Rygiel (Citizenship and migration; security, mobility and border controls; globalization and international public policy; global politics; gender and global politics)
  • Dr. Yasmine Shamsie (The political economy of development, Latin American politics, international organizations, peacebuilding,and hemispheric integration)
  • Dr. Brian Tanguay (Electoral reform in liberal democracies and on the evolving division of labour between political parties and organized interests, Quebec politics)

In addition, most terms we offer graduate-level courses with contract instructors.  Please check our course offerings for names of other instructors affiliated with our graduate program.