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September 24, 2016
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Association of Political Science Students


The Association of Political Science Students is a group comprised of dedicated Political Science students who are interested in organizing politically related events in order to bring together Political Science students and Political Science professors.

We are a registered student association at Laurier under the Arts Undergraduate Society.

The purpose of the Association of Political Science Students at Laurier is to foster social interaction between politically involved and motivated students, to provide academic and professional networking opportunities for interested students, and to support and further the efforts of the study of Political Science on campus. Our most popular events, which are held every year, include the APSS Social and Meet the Profs.

APSS gives students the opportunity to take on leadership roles that will make them more confident while also providing them with noteworthy experience for future employment. Involvement in APSS will, of course, be recorded in their co-curricular records.

Above all, we have fun together and build lasting friendships, and we are always looking for more motivated Political Science students to join this group to make it the best it can be! We invite you to 'Like' our Facebook page for updates, join our official members group, and email us any questions you have regarding APSS.

Official Facebook for APSS members:

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