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Wilfrid Laurier University Printing & Distribution Services
October 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Waterloo Campus

Three routes depart Distribution Services at 9 am daily in Waterloo. Routes deliver both mail and couriers continuously throughout the day as shown below.

 202 Regina  The Hub  SBE 1st Floor
 81 Lodge  U-Desk  SBE 2nd Floor
 Student Publications  Students Union  SBE 3rd Floor
 Career/Co-op  Student Affairs  Arts
 Housing  GSA  Geography
 Hotel Laurier  Diversity  AUP
 Security  ITS - Concourse  Laurier Int'l
 Military  OneCard  Accessible Learning
 SHERM  Health Services  Student Mail
 Procurement  Food Services  Writing Centre
 PPP  Lost & Found  Grad Studies
 Press  Music  Dean of Arts
 HR/Payroll  Athletics  Social & Global Studies
 CPAM  Clara Conrad  Political Science
 LISPOP  Welcome Centre  History
 Northdale  Fac. of Ed.  English
 187 Albert  MTR  Communication Studies
 165 Albert  Languages & Lit.  Anthropology
 Conferences  Health Sciences  Religion
 Bricker Res.  Math  Bookstore 
 Seminary  KPE  Library 
 Philosophy  Biology  Faculty of Social Work
 Delton Glebe  Chemistry  GSA
 Football House/Stadium  Physics & Computing  Balsille
 Research  Psychology
 Alumni/Development  Dean of Science  Courier box pick-up 2pm