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Wilfrid Laurier University Printing & Distribution Services
October 24, 2016
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Waterloo-Brantford Same Day Service

Distribution Services offers at no extra cost, a same day delivery service between our Waterloo and Brantford campuses. This provides students with quick access to learning materials and benefits our staff and faculty with the ability to send and receive mail on the same day.

Please note the requested drop-off and expected delivery times.


Mail and any items being shipped to Brantford Campus from the Waterloo Campus will be picked up daily from Distribution Services, 202 Regina Street location at 12:30 pm. These items will then be delivered to the Brantford Campus Distribution Services by approximately 3:00 pm that same day. Items going to the Brantford Campus from Waterloo must be included in your outgoing mail at the time of your regular morning delivery/pickup on campus. If you miss this time please feel free to drop any items off to 202 Regina Street, R131 before 12:00 pm and your item will meet the same day deadline.


Items being shipped to the Waterloo Campus must be received by Brantford Distribution Services in RCE 139 (Research Centre East, 150 Dalhousie Street) by 11:00am if they are to meet the same day service to Waterloo Campus. Items picked up through regular mail collection will be shipped the next day.

All items must be clearly marked with the following:

Specify Campus (Brantford Campus or Waterloo Campus)
Recipient Name
Recipient Department

We are continuously working towards improving the services we deliver to our campus customers.

If you have any questions please don't hesitates to contact us.

Waterloo Campus:
Ramona Albrecht, ext. 2145
Chasity Stewart, ext. 6257

Brantford Campus:
Candice Krall, ext. 5814
Tara Velanoff, ext. 5834