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August 29, 2016
Canadian Excellence

North American Mobility Program

Since 2006, the North American Studies Program in the Faculty of Arts at Wilfrid Laurier University has received funding from the Program for North American Mobility in Higher Education, awarded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. The current grant, with funding from 2010 to 2014, creates a trinational consortium of six university partners in Canada, the United States, and Mexico: Wilfrid Laurier; University of New Brunswick, Saint John; Georgia Southern University; University of Vermont; Universidad Veracruzana; and Tecnologico de Monterrey.

The principal aim of this consortium is to develop educational opportunities that explore perceptions across North America, while building knowledge and skills that address inaccuracies and stereotypes, training the next generation to be well-informed citizens who will meaningfully influence public policy choices, having recognized the interconnectedness of continental issues and peoples.

To achieve this broader aim, the participating universities facilitate one-semester visits by students among the participating universities. Over the life of the project, more than 50 undergraduate students from the consortium partners will receive funding to study abroad.

Interested students can learn about the partner institutions by following the link "Exchange Program Information", just to the left - or by clicking here.

A particularly innovative feature of this exchange opportunity is the development of a parallel system of directed studies courses, offered at each of the consortium partners. This system of courses will provide students with a more holistic and integrated approach to the exchange experience. The directed studies courses will provide an academic framework for students to: (1) participate in a work experience / placement; (2) actively engage in their own production and anaysis of research related to the project's academic focus - (mis)perceptions across North America; and (3) study issues related to the continental implications of public policy formulation and implementation. Students and faculty from the six partner institutions will use technology to bridge borders and interact with one another each semester.

More information about this directed studies course can be found by following the link "North American Public Policy Course", just to the left - or by clicking here.