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August 26, 2016
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50 Stress Busters for Students
by Will Keim, Ph.D.

1. Be a scholar. Read all your assignments.
2. Go to class. Life goes better if you show up.
3. Re-copy your notes every night in outline form to eliminate the unimportant stuff.
4. Make a master syllabus. Combine course syllabi into a megalist of all assignments
5. Maximize the missing minutes. Study during the day between classes.
6. Go see each professor at least once during office hours. They then can grade a person, not a number.
7. See your advisor at least once a term.
8. Get involved in a student organization. Check into the Student Union.
9. Work out daily. 30 minutes of exercise in Campus Recreation Center.
10. Play intramurals. Great way to relax and meet people.
11. Sleep 6-8 hours a night. No one says you have to stay up all night.
12. Eat breakfast every day. Get it...Break(the)fast.
13. Get up 15 minutes earlier each day. Avoid starting your day in a rush.
14. Keep a To-Do-List and Daily Planner. Structure gives freedom...Really!
15. Avoid procrastination. Now!
16. Think before you speak. Be nice to your roommate.
17. Donšt sweat the small stuff.
18. Do good, and be good to yourself and others.
19. Listen more, talk less.
20. Set a realistic daily/weekly/semester schedule and plan in rest breaks and time off.
21. Focus on one thing at a time. Do the least attractive stuff first.
22. Volunteer some time to charity or community service.
23. Make friends easily with a diverse group of people.
24. Be kind to unkind people; they need kindness the most.
25. Remember that everyone on campus is carrying some kind of heavy burden. Cut people some slack.
26. When stressed, breathe from your abdomen, not your chest. Deep & slow.
27. Learn from the past; live in the present; prepare for the future.
28. Laugh easily and often.
29. Check your email once a day, not on the hour.
30. Eat sensibly. One third of your calories should come from fat.
31. Say what you mean and do what you say. When you don't, admit it.
32. Make promises sparingly and keep the ones you make.
33. Be yourself. Trends come and go.
34. Delegate. Let people help you and choose to help others.
35. Eliminate or moderate your intake of alcohol, caffeine, and other drugs.
36. Replace the word "problem" with "opportunity."
37. Do your best. This will give you peace of mind.
38. Practice humility, and random acts of kindness.
39. See a counselor if you need or want to see one.
40. Forgive your parents for not being perfect.
41. Thank your parents if they did a good job.
42. Dream big dreams about your success.
43. Find something you love to do and learn to do it well enough that you can get paid to do it .
44. Go to the Career Planning & Placement Services Center now! Avoid the rush.
45. Keep a journal with your victories and concerns.
46. Keep a book by your bed. One you read for pleasure before you go to sleep each night.
47. Attend the spiritual service of your choice or practice reflective quietude regularly.
48. Be patient with yourself and others.
49. Be enthusiastic and develop your sense of humor.
50. Celebrate your attendance at the university by smiling at people on campus