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October 1, 2016
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Information for 'Grandfathered' Canadian Studies Program Students

Only applicable to Students enrolled at Laurier by 2007/8

The Canadian  Studies Program at Laurier ceased to admit new students as of the 2008/2009 academic year. In that year, the Canadian Studies curriculum was brought under the umbrella of the North American Studies Program. Any Laurier student registered from September 2008 onwards, who wants to pursue an interest in Canadian Studies will do so by meeting the degree requirements of the Canadian Studies Stream within the North American Studies Program.

Students enrolled prior to September 2008 are 'grandfathered' and may choose to complete a combined Canadian Studies Honours Program or Canadian Studies Minor according to the academic regulations outlined in the appropriate Undergraduate Academic Calendar. Students enrolled prior to September 2007 may also choose to complete a General BA in Canadian Studies.

Resources for Planning a 'Grandfathered' Canadian Studies Program

Academic Calendars

Information regarding the Combined Honours BA in Canadian Studies and the Canadian Studies minor can be found in the 2006/7 and 2007/8 Undergraduate Academic Calendars.

In addition, information regarding the General BA in Canadian Studies can also be found in the 2006/7 Undergraduate Academic Calendar.

Changes in Course Codes

Beginning in 2008/9, old course codes from Canadian Studies courses (e.g. CA102) were changed as part of the transition to North American Studies. The following list provides the equivalencies:

CA102 = NO110; CA201 = NO210; CA202 = NO211; CA328 = NO310; CA340 = NO319; CA401 = NO410; CA499 = NO419.

Course Equivalents to Meet Grandfathered Program Requirements

A number of courses required under the grandfathered Canadian Studies programs are no longer offered. Students should take note of the following:

1) CA101 is no longer offered. NO101 (Introduction to North American Studies) can be used as a substitute.

2) CA301 is no longer offered. NO/PO301 (North American Integration) can be used as a substitute.

3) CA401 is no longer offered. NO401 (Borders and Boundaries in North America) can be used as a substitute. 


Program Requirements Worksheet

At the bottom of this webpage you will find a link to a worksheet/checklist you can download to assist in your program planning.


Further Questions?

Should you have questions about completing one of the grandfathered Canadian Studies programs feel free to contact Dr. Kevin Spooner, North American Studies Program Coordinator,, ext. 2165.

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