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September 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence



Canadian Studies for International Degree-seeking and Exchange Students

This course will provide an introduction to Canadian society, culture, politics, history and geography. The course aims to provide exchange students and first/second year international degree-seeking students with a basic degree of Canadian cultural literacy. Key themes addressed include First Nations, Québec, regions and regionalism, identity and diversity, and Canadian foreign policy.

NO219 is open ONLY to exchange students registered through Laurier International and first/second year international degree-seeking students with a study permit who have registered through the Registrar's Office.

In winter 2014, the course is offered on Wednesdays from 9:30 am to 12:20 pm.

Course Overview

NO219 is a course specifically designed and offered for international students studying at Wilfrid Laurier. The course will provide students with an interdisciplinary introduction to Canadian culture, society, history, geography, and politics. In addition to providing fundamental knowledge to enable students to better understand issues under discussion in this and their other courses, NO219 will encourage students to critically examine a number of key themes important to Canadian Studies: First Nations, culture and identity, Québec, regions and regionalism, and Canada's place in the world. While not a survey of all there is to know about Canada, NO219 will highlight significant aspects of the Canadian experience to provide international students with a greater degree of Canadian cultural literacy.

The course meets weekly for a three hour period devoted to lectures, films and discussion. Development of speaking, research, and writing skills will be an integral part of the small group tutorials that will especially provide students with opportunities to actively participate in discussions in a supportive learning environment; to become better acquainted with the academic skills expected at Canadian universities; and to familiarize themselves with the learning resources available at Laurier.

Students must arrange to register in this course with the Laurier International Office:  or with the North American Studies Program office: or

Course Syllabus:

The current course syllabus, as well as course syllabi from previous years, are posted as they are available on the Course Outlines page of the program website.