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October 21, 2016
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FAQs for Part-time Students

As a part-time student at Laurier, we're sure you have some questions about your studies. We have tried to address some of the "big questions" that you might have. If there is something we have missed, please let us know.

How do I start the application process to Laurier?

Please visit the Registrar's Undergraduate Admissions page for the most current application information.

I'm interested in a course next term; what deadlines are there?

Yes, there are deadlines for various administrative items such as application for admission, registration, withdrawal and tuition payments. Laurier's undergraduate and part-time, online learning and continuing studies academic calendars are now completely online and include academic dates. If you are studying at Laurier, you should be familiar with these dates. Please click here for the current calendar and related dates.

How many courses can I take per term studying part-time?

Regular part-time students are allowed to take up to one-and-a-half (1.5) credits per term (unless otherwise stated on your Offer of Admission). Courses at Laurier can either be half-credit (0.5) or full-credit (1.0) courses. So, you can either choose to take up to 3 half-credit courses or one full-credit course and one half-credit course. Full credit courses are indicated with an asterisk (*) in course listings (e.g., PS100*)

How do I register online?

All Laurier students have access to LORIS (Laurier's Online Registration Information System). This is the most accurate and up-to-date record of available courses, their enrollment status, and campus location. Complete details for accessing LORIS are listed here. Please note that if you have outstanding fees, LORIS will not allow you to access your registration information. Registration forms will no longer be printed or mailed. You are encouraged to print off your schedule using LORIS.

May I only register for evening classes as a part-time student?

No! Depending on your personal schedule, you may register for day-time, evening and online learning courses that are not otherwise restricted by major. When you are registering for courses, simply select the course section that works best with your schedule.

Where and when do I pay my tuition?

The Business Office generates tuition invoices and mails them out. Please make sure you have provided the Business Office with your correct mailing address and your account will be updated on LORIS. There are various methods to pay your tuition, all outlined on the Business Office's website.

What if I need to drop a course?

If you need to drop a course, you may do so on-line using LORIS but please make sure you are aware of the deadlines and possible financial and academic penalties for dropping courses. Please note that administration charges for the course you drop are non-refundable. Please consult the Business Office's website for information on penalty fees.

Do I have to be working towards a degree/diploma?

No. Currently, you may register for individual courses at Laurier as an unclassified or post-degree student. The courses you take will earn you credits which may be used towards a degree should you decide and qualify to enter a degree program at a later date. Taking a course for credit requires that you complete all the assignments and examinations in the course. If you are looking to register for non-credit courses, please visit Continuing Studies.

Iím almost finished my degree; how do I arrange to graduate?

You need to formally apply for graduation. Application forms are available at the Office of the Registrar and must be submitted no later than February 1 for spring convocation and August 1 for fall convocation. A $20.00 fee will be applied to your account once your application is received by the Office of the Registrar. If the application is not received by the deadline, the university cannot be responsible for completing arrangements in time for graduation. A late fee is applied if received after the deadline date. Applications will not be considered after October 1 for fall or May 1 for spring convocation.

All applications must be accompanied by proper verification of any legal name change as recorded on the current student record.

What academic supports are available to part-time students?

What kinds of academic supports are available to part-time students? Laurier has many supports available for full- AND part-time students. Learning Services at Laurier is composed of the following academic support units all available to the part-time student:

  1. Accessible Learning Centre
  2. Central Academic Advising Office
  3. Mathematics Assistance Centre
  4. Study Skills and Supplemental Instruction Centre
  5. Writing Centre

Are there non-academic supports available to part-time students?

Yes, there are many non-academic supports are available to the part-time student community. Health, career and personal counselling services are just a few of the support systems in place to help you out along the way. For more information on these and other supports, visit MyLaurier Ė Laurier's student portal! And, as a part-time student at Laurier, you have access to Laurier's new athletic complex located at the corner of King Street and University Avenue in Waterloo.

Are there any student awards or bursaries available?

Yes, as a part-time student you are eligible for application to some of Laurier's student awards. There are awards open to the part-time student community. Please visit the Student Awards website for details eligibility criteria.