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Wilfrid Laurier University Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
December 5, 2016
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Teaching Safety Reviews

Procedures for teaching laboratory experiments that involve invasive procedures on human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the Teaching Safety Committee (TSC) prior to commencement of the experiment.

Experiments that involve invasive procedures include:

Any procedure which requires the entry of a needle or other instrument into part of the body

Any procedure which could result in transmission of bodily fluids

Any procedure that involves potential contact with bodily fluids or tissues not considered normal contact

Specific examples such as: testing for blood glucose levels, collecting cheek cells, performing urinalysis

The TSC may be consulted to determine whether a teaching experiment requires review.

Course instructors who are planning to run experiments that involve invasive procedures on human subjects must fill out a review form and submit it to Sarah Lamb at  Associated documentation must also be included in the submission, and can also be sent via email.  The review form and associated documentation must be reviewed and approved prior to running the experiment.

On an annual basis, prior to each academic year, Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Assessment will request verification that the review contains current experimental procedures. Proposed changes to the experimental procedures must be submitted on an updated review form to the TSC. Changes to the experiment cannot be implemented until the committee has completed a review of the new procedures. It is the responsibility of the course instructor to submit an updated review prior to implementing any experimental changes that may be required outside of the annual update request.