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October 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Photo courtesy N. White (MA Candidate)

Recently Completed Theses

BaMasoud, Abdullah.  An Examination of Shoreline Changes in Pointe Pelee National Park, Ontario. (PhD, 2013) (Supervisor: M-L. Byrne; Committee: J Hamilton, B Wolfem, A Trenhaile; External Examiner: D. van Proosdij)

Longboat, Sheri. First Nations Water Security and Collaborative Governance: Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point First Nation, Ontario, Canada. (PhD, 2013) (Supervisor: D Armitage; Committee: S Slocombe, B Mitchell, P Kay; External Examiner: M. Mulrennan)

Turner, Kevin. Investigating the Hydrology of a Lake-Rich Thermokarst Landscape (Old Crow Flats, Yukon). (PhD, 2013) (Supervisor: B. Wolfe; Committee: T. Edwards, M English, R. Hall; External Examiner: F. Longstaffe)

Sutherland, George. Using LiDAR-Derived Information on the Vegetation Canopy Structure to Scale Evapotranspiration estimates beyond the Lower Footprint in the Western Boreal Plains, Canada. (MSc, 2013) (Supervisor: R Petrone; Committee: L. Chasmer)

Williams, Tyler. Recovery of Linear Disturbances in a Discontinuous Permafrost Peatland Environment. (MSc, 2012) (Supervisor: B. Quinton; Committee: J. Kanigan)

Elmes, Matthew. Paleolimnological Approaches for Developing Baseline Knowledge of Polycyclic Aromatic Compound Deposition in the Peace-Athabasca and Slave River Deltas.  (MSc, 2013) (Supervisor: B. Wolfe; Committee: R Hall)

Farquharson, Nicole. Characterizing the Roles of Hydrological Processes, Climate Change and Lesser Snow Geese on Ponds in Wapusk National Park using Isotopic Methods. (MSc, 2013) (Supervisor: B. Wolfe; Committee: T. Edwards)

Gagne, Shawn. The effects of increased air temperature and soil moisture  on microbial metabolic diversity and soil respired CO2  concentrations in three selected arctic tundra plant communities. (MSc, 2012) (Supervisor: M English; Committee: S Roberts)

Giroux, Kayla. Pre- and Post-Harvest CO2 Fluxes from an Upland Boreal Aspen Forest in the Western Boreal Plain, Alberta, Canada. (MSc, 2012) (Supervisor: R. Petrone; Committee: L. Chasmer)

Gunson, Bryce. Developing a Collaborative Environmental Decision Making Model to Site a Nuclear Fuel Waste Repository in Canada. (MA, 2012) (Supervisor: B Murphy; Committee: R. Kuhn)

Holzapfel, Nicole. Gardening with Gramsci: Analyzing Edible Gardens as an Agri-Food Initiative. (MA, 2013) (Supervisor: A Blay-Palmer; Committee: B Sharpe)

Kature, Virpal. A Suburban State of Mind: The Housing Preferences and Location Choices of Second Generation South Asians. (MA, 2013) (Supervisor: M Walton-Roberts; Committee: T. Vinodrai)

Khan, Zubair.  Climate Change Adaptation: What works and what does not work in adaptation planning. (MES, 2012) (Supervisor: K. Hanna; Committee: R. Milne)

Leung, Wanda. Impacts and Influence of the Timber Class Environmental Assessment in Ontario. (MES, 2012) (Supervisor: K. Hanna; Committee: R. Milne)

Rahaman, Khan. A Comparative analysis of municipal climate adaptation planning processes in the EU and Canada. (MES, 2012) (Supervisor: K. Hanna; Committee: R. Milne)