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December 9, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Research Facilities

Our graduate students have full access to well equipped laboratories supporting research in aerial photography interpretation, cartography, remote sensing and geographic information systems. Specialized Hydrology labs are equipped for total inorganic water analyses, lake sediment preparation for elemental and stable isotope analyses, and modelling the hydrological processes of cold regions.  The Cold Regions Research Centre supports and promotes research in mountainous and high latitude regions by providing research space, dissemination resources and graduate student travel support. Current research sites include the Great Lakes Shorelines (Ontario), Peace-Athabasca and Slave River delta (Alberta, NWT), Daring Lake (NWT), Fort Simpson (Alberta), Inuvik (NWT), Whitehorse and Kluane Region (Yukon), and the Utikuma research study area (Alberta). Computer labs are equipped with a large variety of statistical, mapping, and geographic information systems software. The Departmentís computing facilities include graduate research labs to accommodate the specific computing needs of active research programs: a spatial lab, a geomatics lab, cartographic and mapping lab. PhD student offices are equipped with personal computers that provide access to state of the art software programs.