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December 5, 2016
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Program Information

Degree regulations in Global Studies have been evolving as the department grows. Each student's degree requirements are based on the calendar year in which the GS major is declared, but the option exists to follow the requirements of any academic calendar in force during the student's registration at Laurier. If you wish to explore different calendar options, please make an appointment to speak to the undergraduate advisor. 

For more information please see: Principal Rules

Watch a video summarizing the Global Studies curriculum.

General Program Information

Courses and Credits

Junior Courses
Students intending to major in Global Studies will normally take GS101 in their first year.

Senior Courses
Students are advised to complete at least 2.0 credits of 200-level courses before registering in a 300-level course. We also strongly suggest that students not register for more than 3.0 credits of 400 level courses in their final year. For students who are struggling to maintain the required GPA to graduate in the honours program, we suggest that only 2.0 credits at the 400 level may be more appropriate.

To stay in the Honours program, students are required to maintain a 5.0 (C) average both in their GS courses and overall. However, to graduate with a GS Honours degree, students need to attain a 7.0 (B-) average in GS and a 5.0 (C) overall.

Students are ultimately responsible for knowing and following the degree requirements that apply to them. Familiarity with the academic calendar is thus the first step to successful completion of a degree. The following are direct links to the University Calendar entries for Global Studies: