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December 8, 2016
Canadian Excellence


What is Global Studies?

So, you've ended up at this website, and are perhaps thinking to yourself: What is Global Studies? Is it for me? What can I do with it?

For starters, Global Studies (GS) provides students with a coherent understanding of the world as a whole, and of their own place within it. This Program is for you if you want to be a truly global citizen. You can study broadly in Global Studies, or concentrate in one of several fields, including “Comparative Development”, “ Peace, and Conflict” and “Globalization and Cultures”.

Our faculty complement mirrors our commitment to multi-disciplinary studies. We have expertise in places that stretch from Israel/Palestine to Nigeria and South Africa to Pakistan and India to Russia and Eastern Europe; but we're no less interested in the mark that our world has made on Canada itself.

We have considerable flexibility in our offerings, though we require students to obtain at least one full credit in language study, and offer the opportunity for you to obtain a portion of your credit overseas or through local volunteering. We've got lots of possibilities that will make this happen, including a growing number of "practicum placements" within Kitchener-Waterloo. Just ask us!

Most recently we've had some of our students stretched out on academic exchange to South Korea, Sweden, and South Africa; others have had prolonged placements from Argentina to Kenya; while others have worked with new Canadians in our local community. Think of Global Studies as a meeting place for the whole University, as well as one of the key places where the University encounters the larger world, and you will understand why our numbers are growing by leaps and bounds.

One more thing: Global Studies at Laurier is more than simply taking a number of courses. We also encourage our students to get involved in our student club and in a variety of agencies off campus. We like to think that Global Studies students are among the very best on this campus, and we invite you to join in and to make your own contribution.