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March 23, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Research Specialization Option

The Research Specialization Option in Global Studies was approved in April 09, and can now be found in the Calendar:

The Research Specialization Option flags the key elements of the Global Studies program: rigorous academic work, volunteer and study experiences outside the country, and language study that allows for significant, respectful interactions with people whose working language is not English.

The Option is open to fourth-year Honours Global Studies students who have already completed a minimum of 1.0 credit of 300-level Global Studies courses, and have earned at least a B average (8.0 GPA) in all their Global Studies courses.

To complete the Option, students must keep that minimum B average; complete 2.0 credits of 400-level Global Studies seminars, 1.5 credits of which will be a GS400 course and fulfill at least one of the following additional requirements:

  • Global Studies Experience (GSE); OR 
  • 1.0 credit worth of a senior level language; OR
  • study abroad for one semester.
Participation in that advanced research seminar, GS400, combined with the other requirements of this Research Specialization Option, will help students prepare more fully for advanced study and work opportunities in Canada and abroad. Students who have successfully completed the Option will see that designation appear on their transcript and degree.