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December 6, 2016
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Charter of the Wilfrid Laurier University Anthropology Students’ Association

Article I: Status
1.1 This club shall officially operate under the title of “Wilfrid Laurier University Anthropology  Students’ Association”

1.2 For the purposes of briefness and advertising, the club can be referred to as “(The) Anthropology Students’ Association” or “(The) ASA”

1.3 Within this document, the club shall henceforth be referred to as the "ASA”

1.4 The ASA will operate under and is subject to the rules and regulations of the Campus Clubs (CC) department of the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union (WLUSU).

1.5 It is the foremost responsibility of the society president(s) to know these rules and regulations. It is their responsibility for communicating said rules and responsibilities to the Executive Committee members and, if deemed necessary, to the ASA general members.

Article II: Purpose

2.1 ASA will operate as a student-run organization. Its primary function will be the promotion of the ideals, philosophies, and practices of the discipline of anthropology among students who are majoring in or interested in anthropology, humanity, and culture.

2.2 The ASA’s goals shall include: (1) fostering a better understanding of anthropology in both its academic and non-academic forms; (2) promoting a dialogue between students and faculty through engaging events and activities; (3) promote and host charitable anthropology-related activities; (4) actively involving its members in raising awareness of anthropological, cultural and societal issues among the student body at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Article III: Coordination and Organization

3.1 The ASA will be organized and run by a student Executive Committee.

3.2 The positions and responsibilities of said Executive Committee are as follows:

3.2.1 President

Shall coordinate the proceedings of the ASA and preside over the Executive Committee. Responsible for ensuring the submission of necessary paperwork throughout the year. Responsible for facilitating communication between the department, faculty and the ASA. The president has the final say and retains veto power in any ASA decision.

3.2.2  Vice-President

    Shall assist the President in said duties where required. Responsible for acting as a substitute for the President when unavailable, absent,   
    or in the case of resignation. Responsible for specific tasks as appointed by the President. Upon presidential resignation, the Vice-President   
is responsible for coordinating the re-election of the President.

3.2.3  Treasurer

Responsible for the preparation of the annual budget in consultation with the President. Responsible for maintaining the ASA’s fiscal records including all banking information, and the filing and recording of all receipts and invoices. Responsible for the deposit and withdrawal of funds for the ASA. Responsible for the maintenance of a petty cash fund for use at ASA events involving monetary transactions. Responsible for communicating the financial status of the ASA to the Executive Committee. Responsible for specific tasks as appointed by the President and Vice-President.

3.2.4 Administrative Assistant

Responsible for the recording of minutes during Executive Committee and general meetings. Responsible for communicating information regarding meetings and events by e-mail to the Executive Committee and the general members. Responsible for maintaining the ASA email account and updating the address book. Henceforth known as the "AA" for convenience, the Administrative Assistant shall work closely in concert with the Media Coordinator to facilitate development of club media, by operating in conjunction with said Coordinator throughout the design and distribution process. Responsible for specific tasks as appointed by the President and Vice-President.

3.2.5 External Relations Coordinator

Shall act as a liason between the ASA and other campus clubs for inter-club activities  as well as being responsible for ASA relations and communication with the non-academic community and third-party organizations. Responsible for specific tasks as appointed by the President and Vice-President.

    3.2.6 Media Coordinator

Shall be responsible for the maintainance of the ASA website(s) and design of promotional material. The Media Coordinator shall work in conjunction with the Administrative Assistant the maintain the ASA email account. Responsible for specific tasks as appointed by the President and Vice-President.

    3.2.7 Events Coordinator

Responsible for facilitating event logistics in terms of booking venues, performers, food, etc. The Events Coordinator will communicate and coordinate relations with other Wilfrid Laurier University organizations and facilities concerning ASA event development, staging and production. Responsible for specific tasks as appointed by the President and Vice-President.

   3.2.8 Special Operations Coordinator

Responsible for coordination and execution of any irregular projects undertaken by the ASA, such as department wear, booth design and any tasks or assistance to other coordinators as appointed by the President and Vice-President.

   3.2.9 Student Ambassador(s)

Shall be responsible for recruitment of potential general members and communication and promotion of the ASA and ASA events and information to fellow non-ASA anthropology students. The Student Ambassador shall act in a year-representative capacity, relaying concerns of the general members and non-ASA anthropology students to the Executive Committee. Responsible for specific tasks as appointed by the President and Vice-President. There may be multiple Student Ambassador positions created, ideally at least one for each year of anthropology students.

3.3 In order to operate ASA, there must be a minimum of two Executive Committee members: a president and a treasurer. Whenever possible, all nine Executive Committee positions should be filled in a given year.

3.4 Executive Committee members shall maintain their positions into successive academic years unless they choose otherwise or are removed from the Executive Committee.

3.5 Any Executive Committee member not fulfilling their responsibilities may be removed by popular vote among the remaining Executive Committee members, by a joint motion initiated in meeting by the President and Vice-President in agreement. The President retains veto power in this matter, but no structual changes to the Executive Commitee may be made without the approval of the Vice-President.

3.6 The ASA charter may not modified without the changes being approved by popular vote, at the initiation by the President and Vice-President. Any modifications shall take the form of amendments and shall not alter the original text so as to preserve for succeeding Executive Committees a sense of continuity and historicity.

3.7 At the end of the winter term, a new Executive Committee will be elected for the following year. All interested persons will attend a meeting during which they can volunteer for a desired position. In the case of multiple interest in a position, the interested parties will state their qualifications and the current Executive Committee will vote amongst themselves to determine which candidate is best suited for the position. If a position remains unfilled after this meeting, the Executive Committee may solicit any student whom they feel would be able to perform said position in an attempt to fill it. The new Executive Committee shall officially take over on May 1st of the given year.

Article IV: Operating Budget

4.1 The ASA shall maintain a minimum of three hundred dollars ($300) at all times in order to fund any events and activities throughout a given year. This money shall not be used as a source of funds for awareness issue donations.

4.2 The Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring that this fund is restored to three hundred dollars ($300) by the end of their term in April each year.

Article V: Conclusion and Signatures

5.1 We, the undersigned, being the Executive Committee of the Wilfrid Laurier University  Anthropology Students' Association do hereby and forthwith adopt and enact the preceding document to be the official charter of the responsibilities and duties of the Wilfrid Laurier University Anthropology Students' Association. Given this 7th  day of January, 2008:

President: Crystal Braye

Vice-President & Media Coordinator: Benjamin Staple

Treasurer: Danielle Sands

Adminstrative Assistant: Anton Dyck

External Relations Coordinator: Andrew Manson

Events Coordinator: David Borcsok